Friday, December 8, 2017

Velvet Hangers For The Win!

Earlier this year I purchased a ton of Huggable Hangers for my clothes. It worked wonders but it was an expensive habit. Recently I looked into other velvet hanger options and found Zober hangers which were $45 for a pack of 100, where the Huggable Hangers were $30 for a pack of 40, quite the difference! 

I decided to order a pack of 100 so I could get all of Tim's clothes hung on velvet hangers as well and hopefully create a little more room in our closet. 

I received my box of 100 hangers last night and quickly got to work.

First I took some pictures so show you how crowded those chunky, plastic hangers made everything.

Yes, Tim has a lot of clothes! I think he has more then I do. Honestly, this isn't even all the clothes he has- we have a ton in our guest room closet as well.

These hangers all came nicely in bags- one was broken- but only one so it wasn't too bad!

Here's what it looked like once I put all of his shirts on new hangers...

Look how much more room there is!

I decided I would hang his pants on these hangers as well since they work so great.

Pants are a little trickier and obviously take up more room- but I still think they look great!

Since we can't make any structural changes to the closet I am pretty limited on what I can do and dream of someday having a walk-in closet but I think this change gave us a little bit more room to work with.

Just a reminder- this is what my side of the closet looks like! I think I'll be ordering another set of hangers soon since we still have another closet full of clothes to put on better hangers and I'm pretty sure we will need more once everything comes out of the wash too!

Do you use velvet hangers? What have you done to make your closet work better for you?

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