Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Two Drawer Declutter

In January I always make a list of places in my home that I would like to organize and this year our second bedroom nightstand drawers made the list. If I'm being honest I've just been shoving things in there for a long time. Not sure where to put it? Second bedroom! Doesn't fit into any other category? Second bedroom! I swear that room is becoming my junk room slowly but surely. 

Anyways, it was time to do a quick declutter and get organized.

Here's what we were starting with...

The top drawer just had a massive collection of random items. Crafting items, stickers, decor items I'm not currently using, you name it.

The second drawer mostly holds tools. We don't require many tools here in our apartment but these are just some things that we have accumulated in the time we've lived here. They were just all kind of thrown in there and I knew I needed to find a slightly better solution for all the screws and nails that were just floating around the drawer.

Here's the after! Still a little crowded and not entirely organized but now all the screws and nails and other random small pieces are contained in jars. I think this will be perfect for now until the day we have a basement, garage or shed to store all our tools!

One item to toss so far! This food dye was expired and I used it for a project and then never touched it again so it was time to get tossed.

Here's my top drawer after! Now I can see everything that's in here even though it's still a random assortment of items.

I had quite a few items to get rid of which I plan on possibly selling at a yard sale in the future or donating.

A ton of items just didn't belong in here and needed to find new homes. I had some decor items I'm not currently using that needed to be stored somewhere different, my vacuum attachment should live with my vacuum, and some travel bags and containers that needed to live with the other ones! The stickers got moved to my desk area where it makes more sense to house them.

Not a ton of items to toss but I found some expired seeds that were a freebie, some bath accessories I needed to toss and some paper products to be recycled.

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