Monday, February 26, 2018

Staycation 2018: Babysitting Tilly and Valentines Day

Hey everyone! I'm back again today with another Staycation post! We got to babysit one of our favorite babies (well I guess toddler? But really why are we rushing them growing up....she is still one of our babies!) We had never babysat for Tilly before so I was a little nervous she might freak out when mom and dad left her with us. Needless to say she barely noticed!

All the girls love Uncle Tim it's really hard to compete! They all think he's so funny and I'm just second place compared to him but that's okay I think he's pretty great too :)

Tilly is obsessed with books which is adorable! She doesn't even need you to read to her she just wants to flip the pages, lift the flaps, kiss any mirrors and then move on to the next book! The one she's holding in the picture above is a Thanksgiving book which we read approximately 3000 times.

This girl also loves to eat! Any time you are eating she needs to be eating too. I feel the same way Tilly :)

She served up some delicious meals out of her food truck..

and cooked in her kitchen...along with playing with every other toy available! We spent so much time playing with her cash register and princess castle it was so much fun spending time with her!

And of course it was great to see Rachel, Ant and Ally that day as well- but I didn't take any pictures of them :)

On Valentines Day we had a low-key day around the apartment. I headed off to a hair appointment mid-afternoon while Tim got started cooking dinner. I had no idea what he was making besides steak but came home to a delicious smelling apartment. He had prepped everything and was just waiting to start our meal.

Nothing is more handsome then this guy cooking! *sigh*

We had a delicious meal of filet mignon (seriously the most tender steak I've ever eaten) with homemade garlic butter on top. Our sides were roasted red potatoes and broccoli au grautin which were both amazing. Seriously, this guy can cook!

I loved having a low key valentines day at home with this handsome guy it was perfect! 

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