Monday, March 12, 2018

Recent Apartment Decor Purchases

aaaaand it's Monday again! Today I want to share with you guys some recent apartment decor purchases! I looove to shop for my apartment (and future house- someday!) and love reading other blogs where they share recent purchases.

First up I picked up the cutest dish towels from Target!

I found these beauties during a Target trip and thought about them constantly until we went back to Target and I purchased them. I just think they are super pretty and look great in my kitchen!

One day Tim left me alone too long- I cleaned the entire apartment, did all the laundry, and was bored so I headed over to Home Goods to browse!

I ended up with this pretty blue container to hold our kitchen utensils. This served multiple purposes; it replaced the plain clear vase that was holding about half the utensils it needed to and it allowed us to clear up some drawer space by adding more utensils.

I think it looks great in here and will work in any space we move to in the future.

At Target I also found this tea kettle which looks great on our stove but also is used to make my tea! Gotta love decor that's beautiful and useful.

I made a big furniture purchase from Birch Lane a few weeks ago.

This piece of entryway furniture has been great! It prevents Tim from leaving his hats and sweatshirts all over the floor and gives me a place to toss things like hats and gloves. I'm able to keep things near the door for when I need them but also keep them out of view in the chest. Win-win!

Plus I think it looks great! :)

What home decor purchases have you made lately?

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