Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Our Wedding: I Said Yes To The Dress!

This past weekend I did something very exciting... I went shopping for my wedding dress! 

I chose to invite just my mom and my MOH Rachel to my appointment. It may come as shock since I write this blog and put so much of my life out there for the world to see but I am extremely shy, easily embarrassed and very anxious. I knew that having a ton of people watch me try on my dress would not be up my ally at all! There were several people asking if they could come along but I was very firm on my decision that I did not want more opinions then the two I was bringing with me. 

It ended up working out great because I was able to listen to their opinions and they had some great ones! They knew when I was uncomfortable in a dress and knew what to say to help me through the process.

I'm so thankful to them for all their help!

I chose to shop at Alexandra's Boutique because so many had recommended it and had great experience there. My experience was no different- they are fabulous there!

Plus Rachel is the best at taking pictures and asking people to take pictures of you. I wouldn't have half the memories I do if it weren't for her!

This is the teaser photo I sent of Tim. When I said yes they brought out champagne to celebrate! We sipped on our champagne until it was time to handle the financial part of everything. After that it was time to go to Davids Bridal in Warwick to handle bridesmaid dresses!

Let me just take a moment to say how AMAZING my MOH is! She brought me this tote bag that says Bride on the side and two little bottles- one for sand from the beach on our wedding day and the other for sand from our honeymoon! It was so thoughtful and is a perfect gift for me- I'm obsessed! :)

Also how gorgeous does she look in the dress we chose?! I think it will look gorgeous on all the girls and 2/7 have ordered them- success!

Just a look at the back of the dress- I love the belt and color. It will be perfect!

How many dresses did you try on before you found your wedding dress?

The dress I chose was actually the first dress I tried on! I ended up trying on several other dresses just to make sure but ultimately I felt the most comfortable in the first dress I tried!

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