Monday, April 30, 2018

Our Wedding: Tasting with Blackstone Catering

One aspect of our wedding that Tim and I were excited for was our tasting. We made an appointment for a Saturday afternoon so we could have lunch and enjoy trying what Blackstone Catering had to offer. 

When we walked in Shannon, our event manager had our table set and ready. We made our choices ahead of time and a chef prepared plates specifically for us to try. I loved the mini menu they created for us. I wrote all over one of them as I took notes and the second one I kept as a souvenir for a possible wedding planning scrapbook.

Our table was super cute and very simple- perfect for my taste!

We started with appetizers which were amazing. The first two were a pizza with creme fraiche, caramelized onion, arugula and bacon and a roasted filet of beet crostini with creamy horseradish and crispy onions. Both were delicious and were definitely contenders for our appetizers.

We accidentally ate our buffalo chicken bites with housemade blue cheese before I took the picture. They were good but not our favorite. What you see on the plate is panko chicken satay with sweet chili sauce. We did really like this but it tasted a bit like chinese food- not what we were looking for.

Our last set of appetizers was truffled macaroni and cheese in a porcelain spoon and grilled chicken quesadilla with chipotle maple mayo and cilantro. I was the most excited about the macaroni and cheese which we added to our yes list immediately. We nixed the quesadillas because we preferred the pizza and the crostini to it.

Once we had made our decision on our appetizers we moved onto our pasta station selections.

My choice was the penne in vodka sauce with fresh black pepper and pecorino ramno. It was amazing! This is what I'll be eating on our wedding night for sure- bring on all the carbs!

Tim's choice was penne bolognese with rich tomato meat sauce, veal pork and beef, creamy ricotta. I didn't try this one but Tim loved it and we decided this will be our second pasta. We are switching up the pasta type however.

The pasta tasting was my favorite part of the entire tasting.

Next up was our grill station tasting. The grilled vegetables were amazing and think will be a great side dish.

The honey barbecue chicken was very tasty and I think it will be a great choice for our guests.

Another one of our side dishes will be roasted fingerling potatoes and they were delicious! Tim joked we should just have a huge bowl of potatoes for everyone to eat. They were THAT good.

Lastly we tried the grilled flat iron steak with chimichurri sauce which we ended up not choosing. We wanted to try it but ended up deciding on steak tips. We are positive it will be delicious.

The chef did a great job at make our plates look gorgeous too. We had the best time trying all this food and planning out our wedding night. Shannon has been an absolute delight to work with and we are so happy she is working with us.

We had to take a picture in front of the huge fork outside the office- well I did- I don't think Tim cared either way but he's a good sport.

What did you serve at your wedding? Also what did you do for dessert? We are thinking of doing a small cake just for us to cut and then a dessert table for everyone else.

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