Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Paco's Tacos, Proclamation Ale Company and Iron Works Tavern

I love exploring new places and areas in my home state of Rhode Island. Despite being the smallest state with the longest name we have so many places to explore.  I had previously been to Proclamation Ale Company when it was located in Wakefield but hadn't been to their new facility yet. 

Located right outside was Paco's Tacos food truck. Tim and I both opted for tacos and they were delicious!

I love chicken tacos and this one was great- I would highly recommend grabbing a taco from Paco's Tacos. Food trucks are such a great invention aren't they?

Proclamation Ale Company is in a huge building with arcade games to play, beer to drink and tables to sit at. If you've been reading for awhile you know that I'm not a beer drinker and only go along for the social aspect. I was with Tim, Derek and Ally and all of them loved the beer that they had so you can take that as a solid recommendation to visit and have a beer here!

After beer and tacos we headed out for a real dinner down the road at Iron Works Tavern. This is a really cool building and the food was excellent! We all enjoyed our food and had a terrific time chatting and hanging out.

My macaroni and cheese was great! If you are ever in Warwick, RI you definitely need to stop in and try it!

Have you ever been to Rhode Island and eaten here? I have a ton of recommendations on my Rhode Island page. Check it out here!

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