Monday, April 23, 2018

The Bride Box

Last week I had the loveliest surprise in my mailbox! I had no idea this was going to be arriving so I was shocked to get it.

The Bride Box is something I had never heard of but wish I had heard of sooner. Tim's brother Dan is dating the sweetest girl named Danielle and she has become a good friend of mine. She knows that I love beauty products so this box was right up my ally.

The box was so pretty on the inside as well- the light blue tissue paper and the bride box sticker were gorgeous.

Such a sweet card! I know it says Dan and Danielle but I'm pretty certain it was mostly Danielle! :)

I had no idea this was a beauty box until I pulled aside the tissue paper but I immediately saw products and got so excited.

Here's what's inside:

A Our Fully Charged Mascara which is made with magnetic technology. I'm not sure how it works but I am so excited to try it!

This Lip Gloss is described as light up lip gloss which I'm not sure about. I will definitely give it a try!

A lip treatment sounds amazing and I will definitely be using this to refresh my lips after this harsh winter.

This little bride compact is super cute! I am definitely putting this in my purse immediately.

This Lauren B nailpolish is a natural version without all the harmful chemicals that are in normal nailpolish. The color is a gorgeous pink too which I think will be great to wear all summer.

This diamond dazzle stick is used to clean engagement rings. I have already tried it out and it seems to work great! I love seeing how sparkly my ring is after it's cleaned!

What will I use to hold all these products? My new makeup bag of course! This is so cute and I will use this to carry products with me for the wedding day as well!

The last item might be my favorite thing in the box. This necklace says love and I have already worn it since receiving this box. It is super sweet and I definitely will wear it often since it's so simple and pretty.

After looking into the Bride Box online I found that there are several different options. The one I received is the Bridal Beauty Box but there are also some others that you could get. I think the beauty box was the best one for me. I much prefer products to mugs and hats :)

You can check out all the boxes here.

Thanks again to Danielle- you're the best!!! :)

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