Monday, May 28, 2018

Megan's Bachelorette: Amagansett's Windward Shores Ocean Resort

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Sorry for the delayed post today but I've been away all weekend for a bachelorette party. My roommate from college Megan is getting married in July and I was invited to celebrate with her for the long weekend.

Megan's sister Kelsey planned the entire trip and she did a fantastic job at planning an itinerary that was low-key enough with down time but with enough activities to keep us interested. She also kept the price down super low which was very much appreciated by all of us.

Today I'm going to share a little bit about the first part of our trip with some details on the resort we stayed at. 

Megan's Bachelorette was located in Amagansett, NY which is a place close to her heart. Megan's grandparents have owned a beachside unit there for most of her life and she has been vacationing there every summer for that entire time. After hearing all her Amagansett stories over the years it was nice to finally see it in real life.

Amagansett is located near Montauk on the edge of the Hamptons. In order to get there from Rhode Island I drove to New London CT and caught a ferry to Orient Point, NY. From there we took two smaller auto ferries to get to our destination. There was definitely quite a bit of travel involved!

Does anyone else instantly have Taylor Swift's "Welcome To New York" in your head the second you see this sign?
No? Just me..?

Moving on...

The Windward Shores Ocean Resort is individually owned apartments that are equipped with a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room. There is also an additional bedroom and bathroom in a loft that you take a spiral staircase to get to. The rooms are all different since they are owned by different people but I found room 43 where I was placed to be clean and spacious. Although our bed could definitely have used a new mattress (nothing like a hard mattress to make you appreciate the one you have at home) it seemed like every other aspect of the room was phenomenal down to the rain shower in the bathroom. 

There were six of us in our apartment and we fit quite comfortably. The other half of the girls stayed in another unit owned by Megan's grandparents. We kept the decorations are bachelorette party activities contained to that apartment since we didn't have to worry about making a huge mess.

Laura and I were in charge of distracting Megan while the other girls decorated her unit with balloons, streamers, banners, etc. It was definitely a weekend to celebrate!

We spent that Friday night have a pizza party in the room. Kelsey had purchased some Bachelorette games (just use your imagination) and we spent the night just hanging out. When it finally got too late for us to keep our eyes open we headed off to bed.

A huge perk of staying at Windward Shores is that it is located right on a private beach. They always have employees ready to set up chairs and umbrellas for you which is certainly a bonus. When we woke up on Saturday we headed down to the beach to get some sun.

The clouds were in and out all day and the wind was strong so most of us were feeling pretty chilly. I spent my time on the beach in my North Face with a towel over my legs.

I imagine that in the summer this resort would be a perfect place to enjoy the beach since it's only steps away. I understand why Megan's family enjoys coming here so much!

We all are pretty much covered up with the exception of Megan who is in her bikini. Despite the wind chill we had a great time laying outside chatting and I was glad I applied sunscreen when I saw the color some of the other girls got. I certainly don't need to be red and peeling!

We headed back to the rooms for lunch and to get ready for our big dinner out that night. When 15 women all need to shower and do their hair you definitely need a good chunk of time to get that done!

You can see the beach we were sitting at from this balcony so it's definitely convenient for anyone looking to travel somewhere right on the beach!

Two other great features are the heated pool which we didn't end up using and the fact that they do provide a house-keeping service if you are renting the room for the night. If you own the unit they don't provide house-keeping but it worked out well for the girls in room 43 since our room was cleaned every day!

I hope you enjoyed this peek into where I stayed in Amagansett NY. On Wednesday I'll be sharing with you all of the restaurants we ate in and all the places we visited during our pub crawl :)

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