Monday, May 21, 2018

Our Apartment: Two Years Later

I cannot we have been living in our apartment for TWO YEARS! In all honesty I hoped that we would be in a house of our own by this point but with the wedding happening in about five months we will definitely be waiting until it's over to seriously look into house buying. That doesn't stop me from stalking Zillow and Realtor.Com on a daily basis to see what houses have been listed however. :)

So let's take a look at our apartment in it's current state. These pictures were taken yesterday when I was in the middle of cleaning our apartment. The laundry hadn't been completed, the recycling hadn't been taken this week, and it certainly doesn't look perfect. This is our real life and our apartment is not always perfect!

Let's get started...

Our bedroom hasn't changed a lot in the two years we've been here. We still use our Ikea furniture and have our Pier One headboard.

Not the nicest looking set up for our air conditioner- but we have our curtain held up by two office clips and some cardboard blocking off our window from the elements. We do have a new hamper in our room which has been very helpful with keeping Tim's clothes off the floor.

Our newest addition is a black and white print from our engagement shoot. I love this picture and picked a simple silver frame to hang it on the wall.

Ya'll know by now that I like things clean and organized....our second bedroom is a little bit of a hot mess right now. This room has a clean end in sight- after the wedding! It has become our wedding storage room and is absolutely insane right now.

Crazy right?! We have just been collecting so many items for our reception, gifts for people involved in the wedding and random items and they are all living in here for now.

Our kitchen has been pretty much the same for the last year...nothing too exciting in here!

Our living room now holds our entryway furniture as well which is new but besides that everything else is pretty much the same!

I have decorated the top of our entryway furniture with pictures from our engagement session. I also have our football from the session displayed with our save the date message on it. I love having these special pictures on display so I see them every day.

Our ladder shelf and our bookshelf are still pretty much the same!

We are still loving our couch- it is the place we come home and relax every day. I have plans to replace our coffee table when we move because it's definitely not the best quality but it's working for now! I also love our gallery wall- it's still one of my favorite walls in the apartment.

Our tv stand hasn't changed at all and I have my eye on a new one when we move into a house! I will keep this as a storage system but probably not in our living room.

Real life: My desk is a mess. I've had this desk since middle school so my future home dreams include a desk that doesn't have so much on display, where items can be tucked away to create a more organized look. At least I keep my jewelry armoire and my beauty product storage organized on either side of it!

Across from my desk is my teal table that Tim gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago. I also have some mirrors from Kohls above it. This area is pretty incomplete and is also where all our recycling sits until we are able to take it to the recycling center. 

Our bathroom is nothing too exciting and honestly hasn't changed at all in the last year.

I did add a little fake succulent on top of the toilet tank- just a little decor in a boring place!

So that's what our apartment is looking like now- hopefully next year at this time we will be in a house!

If you want to see our apartment when we first moved in click here and last years update click here.


  1. Melissa,where did you get your entryway futniture?

    Maria btw.

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