Monday, May 7, 2018

TipToe Through The Tulips

Last Thursday after work Tim and I headed up to Johnston, RI to visit a local tulip field called Wicked Tulips. Despite the rush hour traffic getting there it was a fairly quick trip and I finally was able to snap some pictures with my Canon Rebel! My mom had told me about this field last year so I had my heart set on going this year and Tim always aims to make me happy :)

One thing to know about Wicked Tulips is that they sell out VERY quickly! I signed up for their mailing list and received an email letting me know that tickets were on sale a day sooner then they were available to the public. Within that first day the entire first weekend was sold out and three of the four weekdays were sold out. They only open for a few weeks so if you are interested in going you better get your tickets online quickly!

I love the variety of flowers they have- there are so many different colors! They have two different sections of the tulip field. One is the show garden where you can see all the different types of tulips. They are marked with signs and it's a great place to take pictures! There are professional photographers who come here to take pictures too which would be a fantastic backdrop. 

Aren't these the most unique tulips?!

I personally love the pink tulips! I think they are gorgeous and photographer really nicely as well!

I was very excited to bring my Canon Rebel out for an adventure! This winter I didn't take my camera out very much so I'm ready to play with it a little more and learn how to shoot in manual. If anyone can give me any camera tips I would love to hear them!

Pretty Princess Tulips!

After taking pictures of tulips in the show garden we headed over to the next section where we were able to pick some to take home!

I decided to pick 10 to take home. Since they were $1 a stem that allowed me to have a nice bouquet but didn't involve me spending a fortune.

These tulips might be my absolute favorites from the entire field.

Since we went around 5:30 on a weeknight there were far less people then during the weekend. I would highly recommend going during the week if you can make it work with your schedule. We found there was plenty of room to take pictures and still plenty of flowers to choose from.

As I was setting up my camera to take self-timer picture a girl walking by offered to take a picture for us which was incredibly sweet. I love how this turned out with all the colorful tulips in the background! We returned the favor and took pictures of her and her family. 

Remember if you are in the area and interested in going to Wicked Tulips I would grab your tickets right away! You can check them out here. 

Have a great day everybody!

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