Wednesday, June 6, 2018

20 Pictures To Inspire You To Visit Southwick's Zoo

If you're a long time reader you will know that Tim and I love visiting zoos and aquariums! We are huge animal lovers and often when we go on vacation we make time to visit one or the other- or both!

On Sunday morning when we woke up and Tim said he wanted to go to the zoo I was all in! I was excited to bring my Canon Rebel T6 along so I could snap some pictures too. So here are 20 pictures to inspire you to visit Southwick's Zoo in Mendon MA.

The deer trail is very cool since it's so interactive. You are able to purchase food throughout the trail and deer constantly come to greet you.

Giraffes are definitely one of my favorite animals and I love seeing them.

They always have babies at Southwick's Zoo which is amazing! I am a huge fan of the baby monkeys in particular.

How colorful and gorgeous are these parakeets? 

You can buy a small popsicle sticks and the parakeets will come to you to eat. I don't think you necessarily need to purchase these but you will certainly get closer to the birds if you do! 

There's also a goat petting zoo and the goats are adorable.

The goats are super friendly and always come up to you even if you don't have food so you can certainly save that money in this exhibit. 

I also love sloths and Southwick's Zoo has several varieties! This sloth mom had a baby and was keeping them super close.

Lastly, the new restaurant in the zoo is great! Galliford's Restaurant and Tavern is open year round and is a newer restaurant. Tim and I thought the food was great and the atmosphere was awesome as well. It felt a little like being in Animal Kingdom at Disney World. I highly recommend it!

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