Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Recent Household and Beauty Hauls

I have been on a strict less stuff kick for awhile now and have been busy working my way through my household and beauty products all year long. If you've been hanging out for awhile you've seen my empties posts and know I have been trying to finish up a ton of products. 

Well recently I finished every single one of my candles. Then I used up almost all of my hand soaps- seriously only 4 left in my stockpile...and those won't last long! I knew that I didn't want to pay full price for anything and I would be so mad at myself if I let myself completely run out of anything and had to pay full price for it. So when the Bath and Body Works semi-annual sale started I knew it was time to buy some items! 

In store I picked up quite a few items:

I picked up three hand soaps, five hand sanitizers and three candles. I let Tim help me pick out my items since he is using and smelling them too. He picked out the banana split milkshake candle and two of the hand sanitizers to bring to work with him. I'm excited to have all these new items and know that it will keep us from having to buy items at full price.

Well I didn't stop there....

I placed an online order for a TON of items so we would be well stocked for all seasons. (Yes, this means I purchased FOUR leaves candles....)

I picked up soaps, candles and refills for my air freshener. I also found some cute gifts for my bridesmaids.

While it may seem excessive I really hate paying full price for anything- so keeping my home well-stocked is important to me. I just need to work my way through old stuff before starting new stuff. Notice I didn't buy and lotions and shower gels? That's because I still have SO much to get through! I don't think I will need any of that for a few years honestly.

I also placed an order recently at Sephora.

I wanted to try the Clinque Moisture Surge since I have heard so many amazing things about it. In order to get to the $50 free shipping I also picked up the Clinque mascara that has been on my wishlist for awhile. Everything else pictured was free with my order- gotta love that!

Lastly, I placed my monthly order from Grove Collaborative.

I've discovered Basil is my absolute favorite Mrs Meyers scent so I picked up a dish soap, multi-surface cleaner and a candle in that scent. I also picked up the Caldrea room spray in sea salt neroli which smells amazing!

Stay tuned for reviews on all these items- you know they'll be in upcoming empties posts eventually! :)

Have a great day everybody!

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