Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Our Wedding: Invitations

Happy Wednesday! We are halfway through the week friends- we can do this!

Today I want to share with you my wedding invitations! I am sending them out in the mail this week and am very pleased with how they came out. I ended up ordering them from because I found their website to be the most user-friendly and easy for me to customize. I spent quite a bit of time toying with different designs and ended up choosing one that looks like waves but is very subtle and beautiful.

The pack I ordered came with the invitation, RSVP card, RSVP envelope, and outside envelope. They ended up sending me free tissue paper sheets which were great to place inside the envelope to prevent ink transfer.

I chose the floral love stamp from USPS for my envelopes and thought they made it look even nicer!

I am very satisfied with the quality and while we paid quite a bit, the price point was not nearly as high as the price of other invitations I've heard about. They also decided to throw in free addressing of the guest addresses which was amazing and saved me a ton of time!

I decided to also make little cards to ask guests to send in DJ requests which hopefully will be returned in their RSVP cards. Although they don't really fit in with the rest of the invitations I wasn't willing to pay extra for something I can just make at home!

Easy to make and I hope our guests return them so we can get some music ideas!

I also picked out some small stickers at Staples to put on the back of the envelopes and I think it just looks perfect!

.....and here they are ready to go! I can't wait to start getting RSVPs back! :)


  1. Your invitations are beautiful!! I love that there are options to design your wedding invitations online. I saw the prices of wedding invitations before options like this were available when my brother got married, and holy moly, it made my jaw drop.

    I also love all the finishing touches you put on them!