Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Current Wedding To Do List

Happy Wednesday!

Today I'm sharing my current wedding to do list. We are in the last two months and are working on the final items.  So here's what I'm working on now:

  • Figure out what I'm attaching from Grandma to my bouquet- my Grandma was a huge part of my life until she passed away from breast cancer in 2005. I want to have a piece of her with me on our special day so I will be borrowing a piece of jewelry from my mom to attach to my bouquet- I just need to figure out which piece I will be using.
  • Buy Rehearsal Dinner Dress- I have not even attempted to find a rehearsal dinner dress I need to get shopping for that.
  • Go To My Wedding Dress Fittings- I have my first dress fitting scheduled for Labor Day Weekend and I can't wait!
  • Finish Centerpieces- I shared in my last post the centerpieces I'm working on and I need to finish them up!

  • Make Ceremony Programs??- I'm still deciding if that's something we want to do, but if it is we will have to work on getting those made up
  • Make Wedding Signage- I bought a chalkboard easel for a sign that will sit outside our ceremony and I also want signs in our reception so I need to figure out exactly what we are doing.
  • Buy Wedding Reception Sandals- I am wearing 3" heels for the wedding ceremony and photos but I need to buy sandals for the reception.
  • Finish Bridesmaid Gifts- I am almost completely done with this but still have a little left to do. 
  • Gifts For Parents- We have an idea of what we are doing, but haven't finalized this yet.
  • Pick All Music- We have to pick songs for everything! I feel so behind on this...
  • Put Together Bathroom Kits- I have some of the items but not all so I need to head out and finish these!
  • Make Final Payments for Caterer, DJ, Day of Coordinator, Photographer, Videographer, Photobooth and put aside all tip money
  • Seating Chart- I can't finish this until I have received all our RSVPs but I'm working on it!

  • Plan Out Day of Timeline- I think this will be the most difficult of every item on my list. There are so many pieces to the day that I need to figure out.
  • Make Nail Appointments- I plan on getting my nails done on the Friday before the wedding and need to make appointments for me and any of the bridal party that wants to come. I need to call about this but will wait a little bit to do it. 
  • Make Escort Cards-  Another item I need to wait a little bit longer on but will take a bit to complete.
  • Get Our Marriage License- We are within the timeframe to get our marriage license so we need to head over to the town hall to do this.
  • Figure Out Toasts- Who wants to give them, when they are happening, etc...
  • Wedding Gift For Tim-  I have ideas...but I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing...

Let's get going and check everything off this list! 

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