Monday, August 13, 2018

My Bachelorette Party!

Sorry for the delay on todays post- this weekend was insanely busy! To share the entire weekend with you I'm going to have to split  it into two posts and today we are chatting about my bachelorette party!

My MOH Rachel planned an amazing weekend in Newport and we had the best time! All of my bridesmaids came for at least a part of the weekend and it was great to see everyone.

We started the weekend by hanging out around the Air B&B the girls rented for the weekend. We had some little guys joining us for the weekend.

Rachel and Laura were the first ones at my bachelorette so when I arrived we popped a bottle of champagne and chatted until Ally arrived. The four of us were the entire group for Friday night but we were excited to get the fun started!

Armed with our sparkly tattoos we headed off to Diego's for dinner and drinks which was delicious. I had crack fries again because they are so amazing.

After dinner we wandered down Thames street and ended up spending most of our time at Newport Blues Cafe. We actually saw Ashley I from the Bachelorette there! I was too much of a chicken to go talk to her but it was still very cool!

We also went to another bar on the way back and had a drink while we enjoyed some serious people watching. Once the bar closed we headed back to the Air B&B to get a good nights sleep because the next day we had exciting plans!

Rachel planned a boat ride for all of us to enjoy! Brittni and Brittany came and met us at the Air B&B and we walked over together to the docks. While we were waiting in line Megan arrived! She came all the way from San Diego and although her plane got rerouted and she had to take a super long Uber ride she had finally made it!

We had a great time and managed to beat the rain! It did sprinkle a little bit but not terribly!

Although I didn't listen to the commentary by our tour guide because I was having too much fun chatting with my favorite girls it seemed like it was a great history lesson! I would highly recommend heading our on a boat tour if you visit Newport- there is so much to see there and by water is the best way to see a lot of it!

After the boat ride we went to lunch at Brick Alley Pub which is always delicious! We of course brought our little men along for the fun! 

I loved the photo booth the girls set up and the fact that all our shirts were different colors! It was such a fun time!

We also took another Wiley 570 picture like we did at Megan's Bachelorette.

On Saturday night we headed over to Castle Hill Inn to have a drink on the lawn and take some pictures by the water.

We had to squish in the car a little bit!

It's definitely a fancy inn but it was fun to sit outside and enjoy a drink!

Brittni loves being attacked by Rachel!

Look how gorgeous my bridesmaids are!

And I have the best maid of honor ever!

We had such a great time! And I've gotten to see my college roommates more then ever this summer and it's been amazing!

Megan brought her Fujifilm instant camera and it was great to be able to get all of these pictures!

Our dinner on Saturday night was at 22 Bowen and it was great! I love that all my favorite ladies got to meet together and I was able to see all of then in one weekend. I am so thankful for all of them!

On Wednesday I'll be sharing pictures from my bridal shower which was also amazing- so stay  tuned for that!

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