Wednesday, August 15, 2018

My Bridal Shower

On Sunday my mom hosted the most beautiful shower for me! It was at a restaurant in Narragansett called Trio and we had a patio room and a room inside the restaurant dedicated to the event. I entered to find family and friends waiting for me! Most of my bridesmaids showed up ahead of time to help my mom while I hung back with Ally so we could be fashionably late. 

Rachel bough a lightbox for the weekend and also brought it to the shower. Our hashtag for all the wedding events is #LifeIsGooding so that was on display for all our guests.

I had some little flower girls running around who helped me rip open a few gifts. They also enjoyed sitting on them!

When I arrived I was given a sash reading "Future Mrs Gooding" and a tiara that said "Bride To Be" and worked my way around the room making sure I spoke to every guest!

Brittni's mom Sue made the most beautiful shadowbox with our wedding invitations, bridal shower invitation and our save the date! It was so sweet and creative!

My mom purchased two donut cakes from Allies Donuts and although I never had a piece I knew they were good because all Allies Donut products are so delicious!

Laura was in charge of creating my bow bouquet and she did an awesome job! It looks amazing and I am so grateful!

I really do have the most amazing bridesmaids! I'm so thankful for them!

Tilly was very interested in giving "besos" which she has learned about at school! So cute!

Another photo of the light board and my bow bouquet!

I get to marry into a family of these Gooding ladies! SO excited!

Me with my future mother in law and my mom! Love them!

The best mom ever who threw me the most amazing shower! She did such a great job- everything was perfect!

And the most amazing MOH who planned the most incredible weekend which you can see in my last post! I'm so lucky I have her! :)

I was so overwhelmed by everyones generosity! We received so many amazing gifts I couldn't have ever imagined I would be so lucky!

I took this sign home with me because it was so beautiful! My mom really outdid herself!

I am so thrilled with how amazing this past weekend was and I am so excited that there are only 66 days until our wedding!!!

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