Monday, August 20, 2018

Our Wedding: Getting Crafty

This past weekend was Tim's Bachelor Party so while he was away I did a TON of cleaning (our apartment desperately needed it) and I also worked on some wedding crafts! My wedding to do list has gotten a bit smaller and there are certainly items that have to wait but there were a few things I could start crossing off. 

The first item I wanted to get started on was the centerpieces. I decided on super simple centerpieces with just sand and a white candle inside a vase. I simply just needed to assemble them! I ended up only getting a few done because I need to go buy some more sand but I am happy I at least got them started.

Like I said, super simple but the candles will be lit at each table and I am considering wrapping fairy lights on the table around the base of each vase. Any thoughts on that one?

I wrapped each one in bubble wrap so they won't get dusty and won't break.

I also started on my floor plan for the wedding.

The rotunda ballroom obviously isn't a a rectangular shape but I figured it would work for seeing how the room will be laid out. We are planning on having a sweetheart table on the opposite end of the dance floor from the DJ. Right now I am planning on having twenty tables- some will be tables of eight and some will be tables of ten. Until I have back all the RSVPs I can't finalize everything but I am working on it!

The last craft I worked on this weekend was our table numbers. I wanted to find a free printable but I couldn't find anything I loved so I ended up on Etsy. I found a simple design I loved and after printing all twenty numbers I stuck them in teal frames I purchased from Kohls.

I think they look really nice and definitely were an inexpensive option and I can use the frames in the future which is great. If you are interested in these prints you can find them here.

On Wednesday I'm going to share with you what's left on my to-do list for the wedding! Since today we are exactly TWO MONTHS out from the wedding we are in the final stages!

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