Thursday, September 20, 2018

30 Days!


We are at the 30 day mark until our wedding! Can you believe it?!

Time is flying by around here and now that we are at the 30 day countdown I thought I would share my updated To-Do List.

  • Figure out what I'm attaching from Grandma to my bouquet  DONE! I will be attaching a pearl earring of hers onto my bouquet. 
  • Buy Rehearsal Dinner Dress- Still haven't attempted this... definitely something I need to get on in the next couple of weeks. 
  • Go To My Wedding Dress Fittings- Not done because I've been to one, but I have two more scheduled after that as well.
  • Finish Centerpieces- DONE! All boxed and ready to go to The Rotunda!
  • Make Ceremony Programs- We decided we do want to do this, now I just need to complete them.
  • Make Wedding Signage- DONE! Sitting by the centerpiece boxes and ready to go to The Rotunda!
  • Buy Wedding Reception Sandals- DONE! This was as easy as a quick trip to DSW with my mom after my dress fitting. I found sandals I love and my mom got shoes too!
  • Finish Bridesmaid Gifts- DONE! All packed and ready to go!
  • Gifts For Parents- Still not done. 
  • Pick All Music- We are close, only two songs we need to figure out.
  • Put Together Bathroom Kits- Still in the same situation as before, I have some of the items but not all so I need to head out and finish these!
  • Make Final Payments for Caterer, DJ, Day of Coordinator, Photographer, Videographer, Photobooth and put aside all tip money- a few of these are done which makes me a little less anxious about money! Out caterer payment is due 10 days before, so we have a couple weeks until that is due. I'm just waiting on our day of coordinator to send us an invoice and our videographer is having us pay the day of the wedding. I have about half the tip money put aside so far so I need to finish that up.
  • Seating Chart- DONE! 
  • Plan Out Day of TimelineMostly done, I just need to get answers from a few people. 
  • Make Nail Appointments- DONE! We have a 12pm appointment at a cute nail salon!
  • Make Escort Cards-  Almost done! Well the cards are actually done- we just need to buy more craft sand for the trays holding them. 
  • Get Our Marriage License- Since I started my new job and don't have vacation time to spare right now we will be doing this the Thursday before the wedding. Nothing like last minute right?!
  • Figure Out Toasts- We know who gives them, but when?!
  • Wedding Gift For Tim-  Halfway done! His present is hiding at my parents house where he can't peek. I'm still trying to figure out if I'm going to get him something else as well.

We are doing pretty well! I'll keep you updated as I finish things during this 30 day countdown!

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