Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Our Wedding: Just A Few Updates

Good morning friends!

Today I'm just sharing some updates on wedding planning. I've been busy doing all sorts of errands for the wedding and thought I would share what I've been doing and working on. 

Last Saturday my mom and I headed up for my first fitting of my wedding dress! I have no pictures from the fitting, but scheduled two more and my pick up appointment! That day also marked exactly 7 weeks until the wedding...we are in the final stretch!

After my fitting, my mom and I grabbed lunch and then decided to head to DSW. My mom wanted to get shoes to wear with her dress and ended up with some nice navy blue shoes that will match her dress perfectly! I wanted some reception sandals since my ceremony shoes are 3" heels and I definitely don't want to be stuck wearing them all night. 

While I was there I also spotted the clutches and thought it would be a good idea to pick one up so I have someplace to hold my chapstick and my phone. 

These sandals have a low heel which will be perfect for dancing! I like that they are simple and I could wear them to other events in the future.

The clutch is so sparkly and fun! I know I will use this in the future for weddings and other events.  Two less items to buy- I love checking things off my wedding to-do list.

I've also started my seating chart. I haven't received all the RSVPs yet and as I receive them I will pull off any flags of people that aren't coming (I've already been able to bring it down from 20 tables to 19!). I can't wait to have this completed so I can get my escort cards done.

I also picked up a container for the guestbook markers. I found this in HomeGoods in the bathroom section- it is originally meant for toothbrushes but I love how sparkly it is!

I think it will work well! I just need to get my guestbook in- which a family friend is working on making. I can't wait to show it to you!

I also started working on our wedding signs. I don't think this will be the final product because Tim is much more artistic then me so he may be able to create a better product!

I picked all these signs up at Michael's which I am loving for all my wedding crafts!

We have 6.5 weeks left and so much left to do, I will keep bringing you along for the ride :)

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