Monday, October 8, 2018

Living Room Fall Decor 2018

Happy Columbus Day! I have today off which has been really nice in order to catch up with a few things- laundry in particular. I decided while everything was relatively clean I should take pictures to show you my very simple fall decor.

I still don't have a ton of decor since we are still in the apartment and honestly I wasn't feeling too into decorating this year since our apartment in currently filled with wedding stuff!

Here are the few things I did decorate (all in our living room) and I will mention where I purchased them if I can remember.

First up my leaves garland across my tv stand. I fluff it up and Tim pushes it down so he can see the tv. Priorities right? This garland was a hand me down from my mom so I'm not sure where it came from but I like having this out every year for some color.

This leaf bowl I purchased this year from At Home and I love the green. I have been loving At Home for seasonal decor I'm so glad they finally put one here in Rhode Island!

My little witch doll "Witchy Poo"  made an appearance again this year- I think she was also a hand me down from my mom. My new sign Eat, Drink & Be Cozy is from At Home and is definitely too big for the bookshelf I have it on but someday I'll have a different place for it. I also have some fresh birthday flowers from my co-workers.

This Hocus Pocus pumpkin came from Christmas Tree Shop a couple of years ago.

I love my little Mickey pumpkin that we bought in Disney World last year. I also have a scarecrow but I can't remember where he came from.

Lastly I placed another leaf garland and a leaf candle on our entryway furniture.

Super simple and easy to put up and take down all of these items and this year easy and simple is just what I need!

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