Monday, October 29, 2018

Our Wedding: The Ceremony

Well, I took an unexpected week off last week! I was SO exhausted after such a wonderful wedding weekend and am still not caught up with everything. We are still digging our way out of all the wedding decor and gifts and trying to get back to "normal"

Today I want to share the candid ceremony pictures that I have. My photographer pictures won't be in for a couple of months but we had friends and family take pictures throughout the wedding and I thought I would share them here!

Today we are chatting about the ceremony which was PERFECT. It was supposed to rain and it was supposed to be cold. Somehow we ended up with a perfect 65*, sunny day. I was locked inside all morning doing hair and makeup and hanging out with my bridesmaids so I had no idea how nice it was and was pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous weather.

 I chose to have both my parents walk me down the aisle. It was so nice to have both of them with me while I waited to walk down and to have both of them there with me. I am so proud to be raised by two amazing people.

Brittni, who introduced us was the one to marry us and it was so perfect. She was able to tell our story with little details only she would know. We laughed, many people cried and we spent the whole ceremony just smiling at each other.

We didn't expect to have so much sun, the poor bridesmaids weren't even able to see most of the time! I luckily had Tim's head blocking the sun from my view. 

The ceremony flew by so quickly and we couldn't believe we were finally married!!

We were so excited to get started celebrating with our family and friends!

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