Monday, October 15, 2018

Our Wedding: It's Wedding Week!

Hey guys!

As Europe would say, it's the final countdown.

We are getting married THIS WEEK!

I have only one thing left on my official to do list: Get our marriage license. Which we are going to the town hall to get on Thursday. I have my hair appointment, nail appointment, and everything scheduled out for the day. The final timeline is done. Today we meet with Jen our day of coordinator to do a final walkthrough. I have a huge list of what goes where to give her. I have a ton of posts waiting to be completed after the wedding. All our decor is packed in boxes...

Everything that's going to the hotel is in one location ready....

We are ready. We are getting married. I'm going to be Mrs. Gooding and I can't wait!

See you guys next week :)

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