Friday, November 23, 2018

Black Friday Shopping!

Hey loves! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday with your loved ones! Ours was very nice and we have round two tomorrow with the other side of the family.

Today I went out for Black Friday...

to the DMV. Yes, that is the line for the DMV. I had to officially change my name there and thought no one would be heading there on Black Friday. Boy was I wrong as I stood outside for 45 minutes in 15 degree weather behind 50 other people who got there before I did. Good news is they were super efficient and I was out of there within a half hour once the doors opened!

I managed to get a few Black Friday deals but I honestly try to avoid the stores as much as possible so I'll share the deals I took advantage of that are still going on so you can take advantage too!

Pictured above are all my freebies from CVS! I walked away with more money in ECBs then I spent to get all these items. Definitely check out the CVS flyer for everything you can get for free because this isn't all you are able to get! I love shopping at CVS!

I also placed an order on American Eagle where everything is 40% off and free shipping! I picked up two new pairs of jeans, a bra, pajama pants, and 10 pairs of underwear for $135!

I love picking up my Erin Condren planner for the new year every Black Friday and today was no exception. My LifePlanner would normally be priced at $60. They are all 30% off today and I had a $25 coupon code from the order I placed last year (yay for never expiring coupons) so I was able to pick up my new planner for only $24 including shipping!

Tim and I made a quick trip to Walmart this morning where he picked up a couple of video games for $25 and $35, which was a great deal for him. I found the Kodak Wireless Printer  for only $49! I picked that up as well as a refill pack for $13 since this is normally a $100 product.

Later I plan on heading to Stop and Shop where I hear if you spend $100 on gift cards you get $20 towards groceries printed on your receipt! I will be taking advantage of that since I buy so many gift cards for family members!

There are a ton of deals out there today, go take advantage and if you can do it from home!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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