Monday, November 12, 2018

Our Wedding: The Dress

Today I'm sharing pictures that haven't been shared yet on the blog and I only shared with Tim the other day!

These pictures are from when I first went to try on my dress! I had picked my dress during an appointment with my mom and Rachel but this is when my mom and I went back to Alexandra's in Fall River and I had my accessories appointment. 

I tried on the dress that they would alter to me and picked my hair piece and my earrings.

I was pretty sure I wanted my hair half up and curled so I did a little something so I could see what it would be like. Immediately my consultant picked my hair piece and I was obsessed. It was perfect and I knew I had to have it.

The earrings were a little tougher but we eventually found a pair that I loved.

I love the dress I chose. I love how simple it is but the belt gives it sparkle. I love that it's strapless and so comfortable. I love that it had a train but wasn't anything too intense. I loved everything about it.

If you are looking for a dress I would definitely head to Alexandras in Fall River MA. They have every dress imaginable and take the time to let you try on them all! I (mostly) had the best experiences there. Everyone from my initial consultant to my seamstress (Megan) was wonderful. There was one employee I found a little rude but besides here everyone was great!

I highly recommend them if you aren't sure what you really want. They helped me find the dress I always wanted and kept it within my budget!

What is your dream wedding dress?

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