Monday, December 17, 2018

Last Minute Gift Guide!

Hey loves!

Have you finished up your Christmas shopping yet?

I just ordered one final item for a Yankee Swap with Tim's family and now my shopping is complete! I thought I would share some of the items I  picked up for friends and family this year as well as a couple of ideas that I know make great gifts!


I'm a huge candle fan, especially from Bath and Body Works! My favorite holiday candle to gift is 'Tis The Season and I often pick one or two up for myself as well! There a spiciness to this candle but it still has an aroma that makes you feel homey! Bath and Body Works has a ton of other scents as well so if this isn't your jam then check out the others. Bath and Body Works Online

Bath Products

Speaking of Bath and Body Works I also find that bath products are also a big hit! I love receiving a shower gel or bath bomb because I know I will use it. Any sort of products that can be used up are excellent gifts since you know they aren't hanging around collecting dust. (Hopefully)


I am a big fan of getting ornaments to give as Christmas gifts. It's so easy to check out local stores and online to find something that fits your loved ones personality. I have given ornaments from Hallmark to many people and since they have so much variety you can always find something they like! This Harry Potter keepsake ornament is such a cute gift for any Harry Potter lover in your life!


I have heard a lot of great reviews on this massager from Amazon and think it would make a great Yankee Swap gift! Everyone deserves a little bit of relaxation and this would be the perfect way to unwind once the holidays are over!

Cozy Wear

Another of my favorite places to shop is Old Navy where they have great deals all the time! They have a great selection of scarves, hats and mittens this year which would make great gifts. Another awesome gift idea from here is pajamas. With kid and adult sizes you can find a pair for anyone and who doesn't love getting some cozy jammies for the cold winter months?

 Gift Cards

Some people just want gift cards. I understand this completely because when I get a gift card it means  I have a free shopping trip which I absolutely love. You can get gift cards to nearly anywhere nowadays and it makes it super convenient to just order them right off Amazon. I also favor buying them at my local grocery store.


I am a huge fan of buying kids books. I always want to encourage reading since I have always loved reading so much and buying kids new books is a great way to do that! There are so many children books out there to choose from but I highly recommend checking out Vasseur Beauty (and her new channel: Carters Corner) where she talks about all the books she reads with her son to encourage reading and learning to broaden your vocabulary.

What are some things you are gifting this holiday season?

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