Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Life Lately

Hey loves, today we're talking about life lately which if we're being honest has just been full of errands and preparing for Christmas! 

I've been getting all my Christmas shopping done and I think I am officially done! I think this year is the latest I've ever been at buying gifts but I can't help it with all the wedding planning and events that went on this fall.

I also got my wedding dress preserved!

I needed to get it cleaned and they preserved it for me which is a little weird since it's in a huge box but I like that now it's saved and I can keep it!

I've been enjoying wrapping gifts in front of the tree and seeing it all lit up when I hang out on the couch! I keep thinking this is probably our last Christmas in the apartment since we are house hunting and would like to move out of here in the spring (we will see if this actually happens).

Last week we went to the family party for Parker's 1st birthday! We have her real birthday party this weekend but we crashed the family portion on her actual birthday.

Emma stole Parkers birthday present from my was a remote but she was using it as a cell phone. Many of Parkers presents ended up in Emmas possession!

This girl loves food and cake appeared to be no exception!

Parker is such an active happy baby and we love spending time with her and can't believe she is a year old!

Just messing around with my camera this past Sunday, I love this guy so much!

What have you been up to lately?

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