Monday, December 31, 2018

Life Lately

Hey loves! I didn't mean to take a full week and a half off blogging but it was so nice to just focus on spending time with loved ones and enjoying the holiday!  How was your Christmas?! Did you do anything exciting?

Here's a quick review of what happened this holiday around here...

A few weeks ago we met Rachel, Ant and Tilly for dinner at 84 Tavern in Westerly. Tilly was exhausted and slept for most of the meal but it made catching up easy for all of the adults! She also got to see Santa play a saxophone and seemed pretty excited about it.

Then it was nap time! It's always great to see them and Tim and I always comment after we hang out with them that we wish they lived closer to us.

Ant rolled Tilly's Christmas gift from us out of the restaurant! We gifted her a suitcase since Rachel thought it would be very useful for them. They are big travelers and Tilly has already been so many places in her (almost) two years of life!

We also got the chance to meet a new baby! Graham and Angela had their baby around Thanksgiving but we finally met John right before Christmas!

Tim is so good at holding babies and it makes my heart melt!

We had fun baking some Christmas cookies and hanging out with Brittni, Stephen, Katie, Devan, Emma, Bella and Parker!

You weren't aware that spatulas can also be used a swords? Well now you know.

That angry face makes me laugh every time!

We hung around after cookie making so Emma and Parker could open their gifts from us and we could watch the Frozen short movie.

A photo shoot was obviously necessary!

Then we had to take some pictures in front of the tree. 

I love that my best friends have kids I can hang out with!

We had a busy few days. On the 23rd we had "Christmas Eve" with my family. Then on the 24th we had Christmas Eve with Tim's family. On the 25th in the morning we celebrated Christmas morning with my family and then at night we had dinner with Tim's family. Luckily they live about 15 minutes apart so it wasn't a ton of driving around but it was hectic as always!

We took some pictures in front of our Christmas tree before Christmas Eve with Tim's family. Notice there are no presents under the tree? Well we opened them all before Christmas because we can never wait until Christmas! 

Since Christmas we have done a little bit of clearance shopping for decor and things for next year but mostly we have been hanging around enjoying relaxing! I hope you have been enjoying this holiday season and are ready for a healthy and productive 2019! 

P.S. Stay tuned for Wednesdays post....we got our wedding pictures back!

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