Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Life Lately

It's been a minute since I shared a Life Lately post, so here's what we've been up to this month!

Parker's first birthday party happened in early January and the theme was The Chosen One.

I an always game for a good photobooth!

Emma loving her Uncle Tim!

Parker wasn't feeling 100% at her party but that didn't stop her from enjoying her cake!

It was a really cute party and I always love celebrating little ones!

Tim and I took advantage of free basketball tickets and went to the URI Basketball game!

Parker was still feeling sick so she and Brittni didn't attend but we got to hang out with Emma and Stephen for the second half!

One night Tim and I went to dinner at Apponaug Brewery which is so good!

Their pretzels are awesome, but the beer cheese is unbelievable. I am obsessed with beer cheese!

The pulled pork fries are delicious too! I forgot to ask for no coleslaw though!

I've been reading Rachel Cruze's book Live Your Life Not Theirs and it is truly inspiring. I think I will do a review on it when I'm done but for now know that I'm loving it!

Last weekend we celebrated Tilly's 2nd birthday!

This girl loves to read! 

She also looks adorable in the present we got her! It was about time I introduced her to Princess Belle!

Lastly, I am working on getting my spaces more organized. This is my workout and pajama drawer and I used the Kon Mari method just to get it a little more organized. This way I can see everything I have a little bit easier.

What have you been up to lately?

Monday, January 28, 2019

Our Wedding: The Ceremony

Before we get started...all photos in this post were taken by Carissa of Ella Grace Photography. Please do not copy or alter these photos in any way. Doing so is a violation of her copyright law.

The fact that our ceremony was taking place outdoors and it was absolutely gorgeous out was beyond my wildest dreams. I knew we were taking a gamble having an outdoor ceremony in October but I was determined and the 65 degree sunny weather in Rhode Island was unbelievable. 

I had an extensive order for everyone to walk down the aisle. I knew that I wanted everyone who was in the wedding to get to walk down the aisle which isn't always typical. This meant our precession was a bit longer then most but it was very important to me.

First down the aisle were Tim's parents. Tim's dad was a groomsman so he would've walked down the aisle anyways but I knew I wanted him to walk with Tim's mom so she had the chance to shine too!

Next up, the groomsmen. They headed down the aisle in reverse order of where they stood next to Tim. Then Tim's dad just jumped in his spot while everyone watched them come down the aisle.

For some reason Tim's pictures coming down the aisle are next in the photos I received. Doesn't my husband look like a model coming down the aisle?!

What a handsome guy. I can tell he was a little nervous but I'm so glad he got the chance to walk down the aisle and wasn't just standing up in the front like many grooms do. 

Here come the rest of the guys...

I have to say everyone did an amazing job staying spaced out and taking their time walking. We also had the wonderful Jen Strunk helping us with timing so we didn't have too much of a chance to do much wrong. 

Also, how gorgeous are my bridesmaids? I am so lucky that I have such supportive, wonderful girlfriends who were there for me on that day, and every day since!

We struggled a little bit getting Tilly to want to go down the aisle but luckily her mom was right there as my MOH to walk with her! Emma headed down the aisle with them too and did enough flower petal dumping for both of them!

Right behind Rachel, Emma and Tilly were Kason and Callan with Parker in the wagon.  They were all so good!

One thing I would change? My three inch heels that were insanely uncomfortable and made my feet bleed all over the inside of my dress before the ceremony started. I was much more comfortable in my reception sandals and wish I just wore them the entire time.

I chose both my parents to walk me down the aisle since they both raised me, I know that some people just have their dads but I always think that's unfair to the mom who raised their daughters as well!

If you ask Tim he will tell you he didn't cry but when I got up to the alter I saw tears in his eyes and this pictures proves it.

Brittni was the one to marry us which was perfect since she was the one to introduce us.

My poor bridesmaids were pretty much blinded through the entire ceremony...but I preferred that to rain or cold! Sorry ladies!

I am not the type of person who like to be the center of attention in front of a crowd so I was relieved that Brittni kept the ceremony short and sweet.

Our ring security members completed their task of handing over the wedding rings. 

Sorry for the major photo overload but the black and white pictures are some of my favorites as well.

Carissa told us to high five as we left the ceremony and it was a picture I never knew I needed! That's exactly how we felt after the ceremony- we did it!!

Then it was back down the aisle for everyone else! We had some formal pictures to take!

I love this picture with Brittni and Emma and my parents watching them walk. It's just the cutest!

We were finally married and now it was time to get some gorgeous pictures while everyone else enjoyed cocktail hour!