Monday, January 7, 2019

Our Wedding: Arriving at the Venue/ My Bridesmaids

Before we start... all photos in this post were taken by the lovely Carissa at Ella Grace Photography. Please do not alter her work in any way.

We arrived at the Rotunda Ballroom in the afternoon ready to take pictures before the ceremony. Tim and I didn't want to see each other but we had a special picture planned and knew that we wanted to take pictures with our bridesmaids and groomsmen before the ceremony.

I love this picture of Megan and I walking towards the beach to take pictures!

For each bridesmaid we took a few serious pictures and Carissa instructed each bridesmaid to come up with something funny to do. The sun was shining so bright on October 20th which was great and kept us warm but the sun really killed our eyes. Carissa did an amazing job at removing shadows from the pictures and working with us to make sure we had our eyes open.


I am so lucky these girls were by my side on this day!

I absolutely love this picture we based off of the Bridesmaids movie picture. Its so fun and such a great memory!

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