Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Our Wedding: The Last Thirty Minutes Before Walking Down The Aisle

Have you ever had to stand against a wall hidden from view while your future husband was able to walk around and talk to people? The last thirty minutes before walking down the aisle were excruciatingly long. 

The only people inside with me were my parents and my bridesmaids. 

Oh and the flower girls and the backup we called in to help with them of course!

Brittni's mom, Sue tossed Parker in the air and Carissa was able to capture some amazing pictures of her! (Just a reminder that all photos in this post are property of Carissa at Ella Grace Photography- please do not alter or use in any way)

The obsession with this bouquet of flowers I believe is still going strong!

I really was praying that everything would look nice for the ceremony. I wanted everything super simple and beachy but not too over the top. I picked the teal napkins, hoping that they would be the pop of color that was needed and I think they looked great!

For our centerpieces I just did super simple hurricane vases with a white candle and white sand. Nothing crazy, just super simple.

For our favor we simply had a Photo Booth and left these magnetic frames at each place setting for people to take their pictures home. We had a ton of extras and have four magnets on our fridge currently!

I wanted our table numbers to be super simple so I downloaded simple templates and framed them in simple blue frames I picked up from Kohls.

Our caterers were outstanding! These signs were made by them and looked amazing!

I thought the room looked amazing and couldn't have been more thankful for the catering staff and especially our Day of Coordinator Jen for bringing everything together! If you have the budget to hire a day of coordinator I highly suggest it! If you are in the New England area I can't recommend Jen enough. She was almost due with her second child (she literally had her baby less then a week after the wedding!) and she was so incredible.

Our cake was created by Scrumptious in East Greenwich and was made just for Tim and I. We chose to do a dessert table instead of a huge cake due to pricing. This cake though, was to die for. We saved some for next year and are hoping it doesn't taste like freezer burnt cake because it was amazing.

You may remember me picking these trays up from HomeGoods and making all the sand dollar place cards. They turned out great and a few people have sent me pictures since they turned them into ornaments at Christmas time!

Our guestbook was made by Kate Wyllie who you can find on Etsy.  She did such an amazing job since I was super vague on what I wanted. We love that we can look at our guestbook every day and be reminded of what friends and family wrote to us on that special day!

My brother made our card box and I loved the way it turned out. I found the decal on Etsy here and I love that this is something we can keep forever as well!

Seriously though, waiting to walk down the aisle was the longest part of the day. I just wanted to get down there and marry my best friend. The rest of the day seemed to go by very quickly but this particular time frame kept me watching the clock.

As people started to arrive my bridesmaids took turns checking out what was going on down below.

I loved that the weather was 65* and we were able to be outside in the sunshine. We couldn't have asked for a more amazing day to be married.

Tim checked in with our DJ Graeme before the ceremony.

When everyone was arrived and seated it was time to get started....

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