Monday, February 25, 2019

Amazon Items I'm Testing Out

Is anyone else a huge fan of ordering items on Amazon? I love getting recommendations for items and Brittany Vasseur on YouTube is a huge influence on me honestly and I love hearing about all the things she has tried out. If you are interested in checking out her channel you can visit it here.

Another influence on me is Sherry from Young House Love. She shares quite a few items on their instagram page and I find myself ordering things she has recommended.

These are items I am still trying out but I do want to give you my initial thoughts on them.
I asked Tim for a jade roller for Christmas and sent him this link and he delivered.  So far I am loving it! It's a great way to wake up to roll the cool stone over your face, which I know sounds weird but it's so refreshing. I haven't noticed a big difference in my skin or lines forming or anything like that but so far I'm enjoying it. I will definitely continue using it and do recommend it if you have been considering it.

I purchased (against my better judgment) a dry clean only sweater and of course quickly got little Cheeto finger stains on it. I was planning on bringing it to the dry cleaners when my friend Brittni's mom recommended Dryel.  I found the process was super simple and all stains were quickly taken out of my sweater. I love that there are multiple packs included so I can take care of plenty of future stains.

Collagen Peptides is something I heard of from Sherry at Young House Love. She initially had powder she was stirring in her drinks but I didn't think I would be able to handle that. I ordered these and have been taking two a day. The bottle does say to take four but I thought I would start with just two. These pills are meant to be great for hair, skin, nails and gut health. I haven't noticed any huge difference in the last two weeks I've been taking them but I'm going to keep taking them and see what happens.

 I've only used this microneedler once but I am super interested to see how it will work on my skin! This is another Sherry recommendation and I'm hoping it works wonders on my rosacea!

 Have you played this game?! Farkel Party is so fun! Tim and I have played just the two of us and also with groups of people and have had the best time. It's so easy to play and I highly recommend it!

Kind of a gross fact but I get major calluses on my heels. This callus remover is great and helps me keep them under control. I would definitely recommend it and will continue using it.

This is my most recent Amazon purchase and I haven't used it yet but will get to soon on our cruise! This Waterproof case is going to be great for getting underwater footage when we go on our snorkeling excursion. I decided to purchase a more expensive one since it guarantees that if your phone is damaged during use they will replace your phone. To me, that's worth the extra price!

That's what I'm trying out from Amazon lately. What are some of your Amazon recommendations? I'd love to hear in the comments below.

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