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Our Wedding: Dinner, Dessert and Dancing

Happy Monday!

Today I'm sharing my very last wedding recap with you guys! I am planning on doing one last wedding post which will be an ultimate guide of what we bought where- so stay tuned for that coming up soon.

Before we get started just remember that all of the images in this post were taken by Carissa at Ella Grace Photography and please do not alter her work or use it in any way.

I also would like to mention I mostly included pictures of only close family and bridal party. You'll see other people in the background but I tried to include mostly friends and family that most likely won't mind their picture being on the internet. 

After we finished our first dance and speeches we sat down to eat dinner. We had a buffet provided by Blackstone Catering and it was delicious! I was a huge fan of the penne vodka pasta, while Tim tried some of everything. 

Emma was clearly loving the penne vodka too! I'm telling you right now, I was not the star of this show...the babies were. That's totally okay with me though, these kids are so adorable.

And their parents are pretty cool too! I love that my best friends have such awesome husbands that get along with my husband. We always have such a good time when we all hang out together and I feel so blessed to have them all in my life.

I am also so thankful that my Papa was there for this day. He is my only living grandparent and it meant so much that he was there. He also has a wonderful partner in Vivian who has been part of our family for a long time now.

I had a great immediate family table, including my cousin Andrew who was a huge part of my childhood. He spent most summers with us and I was so happy to put him right up front. My brother wasn't at the table for this picture and his friend Nick who came was also up but they also sat there.

These ladies look so gorgeous in this picture! I tried to keep bridal party members together. I put my friends with kids at one table and my other bridesmaids who didn't at another table. I also tried to keep people who knew each other together.

This child danced her butt off. She danced when no one else was, she danced while everyone surrounded her, she danced until she was exhausted. She also became obsessed with the bouquet of flowers and ended up stealing mine!

Such a cutie.

These two are so much fun! We hang out with them pretty regularly and are so glad that they live so close to us and were such a big part of our wedding day.

We love these people! They are so much fun :)

Check out this mother daughter dancing duo! They had a blast twirling on the dance floor.

How cute is Tilly's expression?! She is loving life!

Tim and I made a point to visit with every single table. We even made a point to double back to tables where we missed people. This is one of the few pictures we got while we worked our way around and I love that we got to take this picture with the Raduazzo's! They are such a fun family and Laura and I have had the pleasure of being invited to so many of their family parties over the years. Tim and I are looking forward to Kelsey and Eamon's wedding in July!

This picture kills me- Parker is just the cutest thing.

My lovely mother-in-law and sister-in-law!

Tilly is the most serious little girl and will study you like crazy but she has so many other cute expressions when she finally comes around! Look at those teeth too- I can't believe how big she is, she just turned two but I still think of her as a little baby.

My goodness these boys are hilarious. They danced the whole night (when they weren't in the Photo Booth!) and kept teaching everyone how to floss. I think they did the floss pretty much the whole weekend.

Me with my new father-in-law!

My best friends, I am so lucky to have two such wonderful women only a text away every second!

My dad and I danced to My Girl and we chatted the whole time about how weird it is to dance while everyone watches you. He is such an amazing dad and I'm so lucky to have him!

Next Tim danced with his mom to Days Like This.

 Dancing with our parents is what officially kicked off the dancing for the night and our guests didn't hesitate to get out on the dance floor!

Emma was the first one out there. I told you, I don't think she stopped dancing all night.

The boys and their grammy hitting the dance floor!

Tilly loved dancing with her mom and dad!

I love the pictures that Carissa took with the lights coming through. You can really see the movement in them and the high energy!

She just danced and danced! The poses that Carissa got were just too much!

Callan flossing which is his main dance move!

This pose is just too much!

Brittni told me Emma kept talking about practicing her dancing and she didn't think much of it, until she saw her breaking it down on the dance floor!

While Emma spent her time dancing on the floor, Tilly preferred to be in mom or dads arms dancing!

Learning to floss from Callan!

Stopping to visit with my mom and dad! They both were enjoying socializing with everyone who came.

Rachel and Ant enjoying dancing. I think this was after Tilly went home to bed and they officially had no responsibilities!

Megan and Josh dancing away!

I got three new siblings! It's pretty cool that Tim is from such a big family.

I loved our sweetheart table. If you are debating what to do, put yourself at a sweetheart table not with other people. It makes life simpler for you and gives you some privacy when you want to take a minute to sit together.

We didn't serve our cake but still wanted one for pictures so we had Scrumptions create a beachy one for us. I love that I was able to keep the Adirondack chairs for decor in our house and we were able to eat cake for days afterwards!

It was such a delicious cake!

Surrounding myself with such an amazing group of women has been one of the greatest things I've done. The girls I've been friends with forever and the ones I've made since meeting Tim are all people who constantly build you up and make you feel good about yourself.

They are the ones you can sing with...

and dance all night with! (We are totally performing Bye Bye Bye at this point)

I love how fun they all are and I hate that some of them I don't see very often!

Parker got into her jammies and hung out in her wagon while she waited to go home.

I think this picture of Derek and Ally is so cute! 

Little sister got kicked out of her wagon so Emma could play on her iPad and lounge.

She seemed okay with it though!

Just lounging with her iPad and brand new bouquet!

Our desserts were done by Blackstone Catering. I heard several people absolutely loved the cupcakes.

Personally the s'mores bites were my favorite!

But the cupcakes do look really good!

I love this picture because in the madness I clearly had something to tell Tim that was funny so we stopped in the middle of everything.

 It was such an amazing night and I couldn't have asked for a better wedding. These are my people and I love that all of them were there to celebrate.

Thanks for spending your time looking at a million picture-heavy posts of the most amazing day <3

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