Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Our Wedding: Entrance, First Dance and Speeches

All pictures in this post were taken by Carissa of Ella Grace Photography, please respect her work and do not copy or alter her work in any way. 

That sky though...

If you missed my post from Monday go check it out now- the sky is unbelievable!

We asked that our grandparents be called out at the beginning and our DJ Graeme did a great job.

We had each member of our bridal party enter and dance their way in.

I did a Gronk spike because that's how Tim and I roll.

You know what the most awkward thing in the world is? Dancing while everyone stares at you. I grew up doing dance recitals but slow dancing when you are the only ones doing so and everyone is just staring at awkward.

Now I was trying to talk to Tim while we were dancing and he just kept singing to me.

Okay, we weren't the only ones dancing. Emma was twirling!

We decided to play a dice game that Jenna and Chris did at their wedding. Your guests roll the dice and if it's an even number you have to kiss but if it's an odd number they have to kiss. This was instead of clinking glasses all night!

Next up were the speeches...

My dad is a guy of few words but had some really nice ones to say!

Rachel had me ready to cry with her speech. I started to get a little teary eyed.

When she started to get teary I got as close to crying as I did the entire day!

Derek had everyone laughing as he told stories from his and Tim's younger days.

It was a great start to the reception and it was time to eat and chat with our guests next!

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