Monday, March 25, 2019

Our Honeymoon: Southern Caribbean Cruise with Norwegian Day 5, San Juan Puerto Rico

Hey loves! Today I'm sharing day five of our Southern Caribbean Cruise! On this day we spent part of the day on the boat and arrived in San Juan Puerto Rico around 4pm. The majority of the day on the boat was taken up by eating at the buffet, attending a workshop hosted by the magician from the night before, and watching our arrival into Puerto Rico.

After a few days on the boat I was ready to get onto land and explore. Both Tim and I had been to San Juan before so we didn't feel the need to do any excursions for the short time we were there so we decided to just walk around and explore.

We started off aimlessly walking and ended up following another group that had just gotten off our ship. They said they were heading towards one of the forts so we decided to follow them so we could see a historical location.

There were so many cats wandering the street everywhere, it was so sad. As people who love animals and would love to have a kitten we felt so bad leaving them behind. If only Norwegian would let us bring a cat back on board with us!

There is so much history in San Juan and so much to see!

The San Juan Gate was really cool to see!

I was a little obsessed with these cats.

Finally we arrived at Castillo San Felipe del Morro. It seemed that a lot of locals used the sprawling lawn as a park because we saw plenty of kids with kites and dogs running through the grass.

The entrance fee for this fort and the other one nearby (Castillo San Cristobal) is $7 total, so it is definitely a cheap activity.  The views were gorgeous and it was really cool to read the history of the fort.

I love all the colorful houses in the distance.

There were quite a few other people exploring but it never seemed like it was crowded.

The cannons were huge!

After we finished walking around the fort we set off in the direction of a pizza place Tim has seen online.

While wandering around we found this street filled with pink umbrellas. It was the strangest and most  photogenic street we came across during our trip.

Tim was very excited about getting pizza in San Juan and had found Pirilo Pizza online. It was a small hole in the wall pizza place but it was delicious! We both raved about our pizzas and wished we could've brought it back on the boat with us. 

After dinner we walked to a nearby beach to gather sand for our honeymoon sand jar. We took a little bit of a sketchy walk to get there, but it was totally worth it so we could fill our Puerto Rico jar. (I will show you all of them in a future post!)

Before we got back on the boat we traded off taking pictures in front of this sign with another couple.

Once we got back to our cabin we had two towel animals waiting for us!

We couldn't wait to arrive in St. Martin the following morning....

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