Friday, March 29, 2019

Our Honeymoon: Southern Caribbean Cruise with Norwegian Day 6, St. Martin

On Tuesday morning of our cruise we arrived in St. Martin bright and early. From the boat the water looked absolutely gorgeous and we were super excited for our adventure on this particular day. We ate a quick breakfast at the buffet and then headed downstairs to line up to get off the boat.

Norwegian does a lot of things really well but getting off the boat at each island is a thing I think they could definitely improve on. The line to get off the boat was insane most of the time and seemed to be disorganized. 

Once we were off the boat we walked a few minutes from port to Johnny's Scooter Rental where we had previously booked an ATV tour! 

Tim had found this particular tour online and we loved it! I had decided that I would rather ride on the back of an ATV then drive my own. We ended up being on a tour with one other couple from Germany.  Johnny was informative and showed us the entire route we would be taking and pointed out key landmarks as we rode around.

We actually were able to ride around the entire island and saw so much!

We stopped at Maho Beach where airplanes fly right over the beach into the airport. They even have a   schedule for all the flights so you know when to expect one to fly over! We saw a few planes fly by and I did manage to capture one on video which you can check out on my Youtube video.

It really was a cool spot but definitely too crowded for my taste!

We spent a little time hanging out before we started on our way again.

Our second stop was in a marketplace where we walked around and were able to do a little bit of shopping. 

Our third stop was a super quick pit stop to just take in the view. It was a gorgeous location

I just loved the view, particularly the ocean and where the different colors meet in the water. 

Our final stop was Orient Beach which was an amazing, low-key beach.

Tim and I made sure to swim and the water was warm and gorgeous. There was quite a bit of seaweed which apparently is quite the problem here and they often have to rake it out because sea turtles will have trouble getting back to the ocean.

After drying off from swimming we headed up to the bar where Johnny was also having a drink.

The view from the bar wasn't too shabby. I love the way the red umbrellas look against the sand and the water.

Even the coke cans are festive in the Caribbean!

After Orient Beach we took the drive back to Johnny's Scooter Rental and said our goodbyes. We headed back through the shops at port and bought a few things before getting back on the boat.

Once we got back on the ship we ate and then hung around on the front of the ship so we could watch the island disappear as we headed off to the next one!

These chairs on the front of the ship weren't the most comfortable places to sit since the cushions kept slipping all over the place but I absolutely loved being at the front of the boat. 

Seriously, the sunsets on the water are like nothing else! Every night the sunset was so incredible.

I seriously can't get enough.

Also I regret not pulling my tripod out and taking some nice pictures instead of just selfies. 

Photo credit goes to Tim for the last three pictures!

Okay, that's enough of that for now!

We ate dinner at the buffet and then participated in a game show called Majority Rules which was really funny. Sarah who worked on the ship in the entertainment department was hilarious. We loved attending anything she hosted because she was so fun!

The show this particular night was Nicola Ward and she sang a variety of songs and was a very talented vocalist! We enjoyed her show more then we thought we would.

After the show we hung out at O'Sheehans for a little bit and then headed back to our room where our nightly towel animal was waiting for us.

Not quite sure what this one is, if anyone has a guess or knows please comment below!

With two islands down we only had three more to explore and I was really excited to head out on our adventure the next morning so stick around to hear all about it on Monday!

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