Monday, April 15, 2019

Life Lately: Birthdays, Bowling, Hikes and Walks

Life since getting back from our Honeymoon has been pretty uneventful but we have managed to keep our weekends pretty busy. We have managed to have dinner with both of our families which was great to do, but unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. 

Our first weekend back it was Tim's cousin Derek's birthday! We met at Apponaug Brewery and then went bowling.

Check out who tied for first place! I was having a very lucky day, I usually don't even break 100.  We had a great time hanging out with everyone.

Tim was climbed on like a jungle gym when we visited with Brittni, Stephen and their girls!

We took a walk at Rome Point which is a beautiful hike where you can walk along the beach and look out at the Jamestown Bridge. 

Tim is like a child and likes to kick rocks and carry sticks around. This is where he either accidentally kicked a rock at me or accidentally knocked me with a stick. Seriously, do guys ever act like adults? :)

Unpictured, but I enjoyed lunch during the work week with Brittni, Rachel and Tilly! It was so nice to see Rachel and Tilly during the middle of my work day and we had a great time chatting.

Yesterday we took part in Walk MS for the third year in a row. My former co-worker has MS and I always like to go to support her. Tim and I walked the three miles and chatted with some of my former co-workers and it was so nice to catch up with them!

It was such a beautiful day in RI!

What have you been up to lately? Share in the comments!

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