Monday, April 22, 2019

Motivation Monday: My Favorite YouTube Cleaning Channels

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and Easter if you celebrated! We spent Saturday celebrating with Tim's side of the family and yesterday celebrating with mine. We had a great time and can't believe how fast the weekend went by.

Since I'm sure plenty of you have a lot of cleaning up to do after a holiday weekend I wanted to share a little cleaning motivation with you. I have been obsessed with YouTube cleaning channels for some time now and wanted to share my favorites with you. These girls always keep me motivated and for some weird reason I think it is super entertaining to watch someone else clean.

1. Kelly Marie

Kelly posts mostly cleaning videos and I am obsessed! For some reason her videos are some of the most satisfying. I also relate to her since I'm not cleaning up messes from kids and her videos also feature her adorable puppies!

2. Brittany Vasseur

Brittany does a wide array of videos but cleaning and organizing are definitely present on her channel. She has such an amazing personality and her son Carter is just the cutest! She also gives great tips and life hacks and I find myself watching every single video she puts out, no matter what the topic is.

3. Elle Fowler

Elle started out as a makeup guru but has rebranded her channel as a lifestyle channel. Right now she is decluttering a different area of her house every Monday while she prepares to move across the country. I am obsessed with her declutter series and look forward to Monday's because of her videos!

4. Brianna K

Brianna K is a stay at home mom who has an gorgeous house that she regularly does cleaning videos on. I found her through the YouTube cleaning community and I always watch her cleaning and decorating videos. Her kids are absolutely adorable too!

5. Love Meg

I couldn't make a cleaning channel list without the cleaning queen herself! Love Meg makes some awesome videos and just moved into a new house so there are plenty of new areas to see her clean. She is always super thorough and her family is really cute too!

6. Beauty and The Beastons

Tiffani is a mom to three kiddos and always seems to have a mess to pick up! I love watching her cleaning videos because she has a beautiful home and I love how her house always is the epitome of "real life" since she isn't able to pick up after her kids all day long.

7. Erica Lee

Erica Lee makes some great cleaning videos although I feel like her house is always clean to begin with. She is pregnant with her first child though so maybe we will be seeing some super messy clean with me videos in the future!

8. Clean My Space

If you haven't heard of Clean My Space then you should probably head over there right now. Melissa Maker owns a cleaning business in Canada and gives awesome cleaning tips to help you get everything in your own into tip top shape!

Those are my favorite Cleaning Channels on YouTube, now I want to know what are some of your favorites?

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