Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Our Honeymoon: Southern Caribbean Cruise with Norwegian Day 8, Antigua

Hey loves! Welcome back to the our honeymoon recap :)

Today we are talking about one of my favorite trip days, our day on Antigua!

We arrived early on Antigua and ate our breakfast quickly so we could get off the boat and get our day started!

We walked around the port for a little bit because we had reservations with Triflexcursion for a bike, kayak and hiking tour. 

We were in a small group of nine with the addition of our two guides. Giles and Mark were amazing hosts and although they just created their company in December they are super professional and we truly enjoyed this tour!

It had been YEARS since I had been on a bike. Tim joked that there's a reason they say "it's like riding a bike" but let me tell you the first few minutes were a little shaky for me. I only ever ride the stationary bike at the gym and this was very different. I ended up getting used to the feeling and was totally fine (definitely a little cautious) and would love to purchase some bikes for us to ride at home since we had such a great time!

They also did a great job of helping us with the bike seat heights and making sure we were on bikes that were appropriate for our heights.

We biked for a few minutes and stopped briefly at a harbor where our guides described some of the area we had already biked through.

Our next stop was kayaking!

The water was pretty low but both Giles and Mark were willing to help us when we got stuck. They pointed out the birds that were hiding in the mangroves and also helped us find the jellyfish that were floating in the water.

Pictured above is one of the jellyfish!

We really enjoyed kayaking around and got a great upper body workout!

After finishing kayaking we helped bring the kayaks back up to storage and then hopped on our bikes to head to Fort James Beach!

This beach was absolutely gorgeous! We were sweating from all of our biking and kayaking and were more then ready to jump into the water which is exactly what we did!

The water was warm and Tim and I enjoyed swimming around. I would've moved to this beach it was so gorgeous! The water was the clearest I had come across and the waves allowed us to do a little bit of body surfing.

This huge yacht was on St. Martin when we were there as well. It is the largest sailing yacht in the world and we actually watched a little boat come out of the big boat. Totally insane.

We swam a couple times before Mark and Giles announced it was time to take a quick hike.

We walked over to Fort James where cannons were fully intact.

It was an easy walk and we all mentioned that it was nice it was untouched but would be even nicer if it could be fixed up a little bit. There is also quite a bit of trash left in the area but if there was someone manning the area and maybe a trash can it would be in a little better condition.

Tim and I both agreed that we need to come back to Antigua some day and spend a full week on the island. It was absolutely gorgeous and is a place I would like to explore more.

We did a bit of shopping before getting back on the ship to eat lunch and hang out on the front deck while we pulled away.

Our night consisted of a buffet dinner, getting a drink at O'Sheehans,  Deal or No Deal, and a show called Swing. We thought the shows put on by the singers and dancers were okay but we really did prefer the comedians and acrobats. The songs that were done this particular night were all songs from the 50's so we didn't recognize many of them.

We were completely exhausted from our active day and we had another great day ahead of us in St. Thomas the following morning!

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  1. Love these photos! It's super cool that those cannons were still intact!