Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A Quick Broom Closet Fix With Command Hooks!

Today I want to share a quick fix I made to our broom closet! 

If you've been following along you know that I'm passionate about cleaning and organizing. The closet in our hallway is half a broom closet and half a linen closet. The linen closet side is pretty organized but the broom closet side was driving me nuts. When I went to pull out the vacuum the mop would attack me! I needed to get this cleaned up a little bit.

Here's where we started:

Just a disorganized mess!

At Walmart I picked up these command hooks. I picked up two packs so I could hang four items and once I put them to good use they made things look amazing!

Check it out! I'm so excited to get these off the floor and on the wall.

These command hooks are labeled heavy so I'm hoping they hold up nicely.

So much better right?! I am very happy how this turned out especially since I can't make any major structural changes in the apartment. I really love making small changes that make a big impact.

Have you done any small  projects that made a huge difference in your living space?

Monday, May 27, 2019

Apartment Living: Updating The Walls

I finally got motivated to update our apartment walls! 

I had quite a few pictures from our wedding and honeymoon that I wanted to display. 

This frame was given to us by Brittni for Christmas and it took me a long time to get it put up! I ordered pictures off the Shutterfly app, did you know that you could order pictures for free? You just pay shipping for each order which is great. This frame is now on the wall in our guest room.

I ordered this canvas from CVS. There was a great deal and I got this 11x17 for only $12! I hung this up in our middle room.

The last place I updated recently was our gallery wall. This is our "adventure wall" where I like to display pictures of us in places we've explored. Now that we went to five different islands for our honeymoon I had a lot more places to display. This wall always makes me want to go more places!

Have you updated your wall decor lately? I'm running out of walls to decorate! I still need to hang up our guestbook but that involves bringing it to get custom framed!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Spring Cleaning: The Living Room

Let's chat about spring cleaning the living room! 

Our living room is pretty massive but fortunately the living room is a pretty easy place to spring clean.

Here's what I did to accomplish a clean living room (can you see exactly where I was sitting right before I took this picture? Totally forgot to move the pillows back into place before I took the picture!)

The first thing I did was start by doing any dusting that needed to be done. Since we live on planet Earth and deal with gravity it's always best to work from top to bottom. I dusted my pictures, all the furniture, and moved around everything in order to get everything wiped down.

I vacuumed the couch, folded all the blankets and rearranged the pillows.

I don't have the ability to get my windows washed on the outside being on the top floor of an apartment but I make sure that the inside is squeaky clean. This is a great time to also wipe down your blinds and wash your curtains.

Decluttering is also important. I regularly go through these baskets and keep the clutter in this room to a minimum.

Our living room also serves as a mudroom for us. This is where we take off our coats and shoes when we get home. I put all the heavy coats away in our front hall closet and pulled all my boots off our shoe mat and brought them to my closet for the summer.

Once everything had been dusted, cleaned and decluttered I did a thorough vacuum job of the entire room. This is a great time to move furniture and vacuum behind and underneath everything.

Have you finished your spring cleaning yet?

Friday, May 17, 2019

Life Lately

I have seriously been slacking taking pictures this month! I'm going to try to update you on what's been going on lately. 

For the Kentucky Derby Tim and I joined his parents at Foxwoods Casino. Within three minutes of walking in I found a $100 poker chip on the floor! We traded it for a $100 bill and took it home since I wanted to pocket it rather then gamble it away.

We stopped for a drink at The Sugar Factory and I had the s'mores martini which was amazing! The drinks there are phenomenal and I am so glad I finally had the opportunity to try them.

We watched the Kentucky Derby and then headed to dinner at Guy Fieri's Kitchen and Bar.

The trashcan nachos were amazing! Tim and I stuffed ourselves with these.

I had the Motley Que Pulled Pork sandwich and it was delicious as well. All of our sandwiches were huge and definitely took some determination to eat.

Tim and I attended a couple of fundraisers last weekend. On Friday we went to The Rathskeller to attend a fundraiser for a former co-worker of mine named Danielle. Danielle was diagnosed with cancer this year and has been through hell. It was great to see so much support for Danielle and also great to catch up with my former co-workers.

On Saturday morning Tim and I walked the Rainbow Race 5K. This is such a great cause and we really enjoyed walking on such a beautiful day.

While we were there we both entered the basket raffle and I won an autographed picture of Dont'a Hightower!

Later on we headed to hang out with Derek, Ally and Ally's parents to celebrate Derek's masters graduation.

On Sunday I celebrated Mother's Day with my mom and the rest of the family. We had lunch at The Pizza Place in Westerly and it was great to hang out with my mom!

What have you been up to lately?

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Home Additions

I am all over the place lately! This week expect another post on Friday in lieu of this past Mondays post. I try really hard to keep to a blogging schedule but since this is simply my hobby I don't always have time!

Today I want to show you a few new additions to our apartment. Our house hunt has been going veryyyy slowly and initially I was not purchasing anything for the apartment but then I decided since we weren't going anywhere right away I needed to make our space work better for us.

The first purchase was from At Home. This past winter I picked up two aloe plants and they have been just sitting on the floor under the window. I finally gave in and purchased this to hold my plants. The planter in the center was also purchased from At Home a the same time as the table. The other two planters were purchased from the Target Dollar Spot and I love how they look all together. I love that this table is plain and works with our furniture no matter what room it ends up in.

I always just draped the blankets over our couch and was getting sick of that look so I picked up this basket at HomeGoods. I love the look of it and it holds 4-5 blankets which is perfect. 

Lastly I picked up this oil diffuser from Vasseur Essentials and it looks gorgeous in our bedroom! I also picked up the day and night kit with tons of different oils. 

What have you picked up for your home lately?

Monday, May 6, 2019

Recent Reads: May 2019 Edition

It seems like it's been forever since I've done a book review here on the blog. I've been reading quite a bit lately and wanted to share my recent reads. I hope to keep this reading pace up because I truly love to read. 

The first book I want to share with you is one my mom recommended to me. Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman is such an enjoyable read! Eleanor Oliphant is an interesting individual who has a complex history. She is used to her routine and seems to enjoy the monotony of her life. I didn't expect any of the twists in this story before they arrived and I truly enjoyed every second of it. It's a hard book to describe but an easy read if you are looking for one!

The next three books are all part of a fantasy series by Sarah J Maas called Throne of Glass. So far in the seven book series I have completed the first three; Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight and Heir of Fire. I am absolutely loving these books and have trouble putting them down! It follows Celaena Sardothian an assassin who is pulled from the prison where she works in the mines to compete for a role working for the king. I finished the first three books within two weeks and with the third book I stayed up half the night trying to finish it! Definitely give this series a chance if you have enjoyed any  fantasy series in the past.

What have you been reading lately? I have quite a few books on my To-Be-Read list but would love other suggestions as well!

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Four years.

Four years ago today Tim and I went on our first date.

Look what babies we were!!!

I will be forever thankful that he walked into my life and the last four years have been the best of my life.

We've become best friends and I can't imagine my life without him.

Over four years we've spent pretty much all of our time together and been on our share of adventures.

We've spent holidays together.

and traveled quite a few places.

I love you so much Tim and I am thrilled to be your wife.

Just because we're married it doesn't mean we can't celebrate our dating anniversary anymore right?!

I say we celebrate as much as possible....

because there is so much to celebrate. Happy 4 years babe!