Monday, June 24, 2019

Our Apartment: Three Years Later

Honestly I've been putting this post off for awhile. As of May we have been in our apartment for THREE years! I was hoping that we would have found a house and would be out of here by now but I am trying to live day by day and making this the best place as possible while we are here. 

There isn't a whole lot that's new but I want to keep a log of what this apartment looked like each year we have lived in it. I wish I had more pictures of my bedroom growing up because it's so cool to see how your style and spaces change. 

If you want to see our apartment a year ago at two years you can click here. Ahh the days of our guest bedroom being storage for wedding supplies :)

For our one year apartment tour, click here.

To see when we first moved into our apartment, click here

Now for what it looks like now!

When you first enter you'll see our kitchen straight ahead. 

It's a pretty simple room and extremely small for cooking anything other then basic meals. I can't wait to have a larger kitchen so we can actually use all the gifts we received for wedding.

Whiteboard Calendar (similar)
Trash Can

Dish Towels (I couldn't find the exact ones shown- but they are KitchenAid)
Rug (see above)

To your left you'll see our living room. This is my favorite room in the apartment, it's so cozy and there's seriously nothing better then just lounging on the couch all day on Sundays. 

The only things that are new in here are the table I bought recently and a few decor items!

Ladder bookshelf (similar)
White Bookshelf (built by my dad)
Home sign (local store called Simple Pleasures)
Entryway furniture 

Coffee Table (from Kohls- no longer in stock)
Entertainment Center

White Table (At Home)

Couch (Jordan's Furniture- Bargain Area)

Our "dining room area" isn't used as a dining room. We keep my big desk filled with office supplies, my Alex drawers, my jewelry armoire and a small table with kitchen supplies in here.
This is also the room where we collect recycling and store water bottles. 

Desk (Cardi's Furniture about 20 years ago!)

Console Table (Target- no longer available)

Our bathroom is very small but we don't need anything bigger right now. 

I love our bedroom. It's the perfect calming place to get a good nights sleep. 


Long Dresser
Tall Dresser

**All our Ikea bedroom furniture is in the black-brown color and if I could go back I would've gotten the white. Ours shows SO much dust!!

Our guest room holds all of our extra stuff it's a mismatch of stuff we don't know what to do with. Both the dresser and nightstand are from my childhood bedroom, the mattress was Tim's.

Right now the bed is holding everything we need to get rid of and the laundry baskets are full of clothes that are ready to be washed!

That's it for my three year later home tour! I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully next year at this time we will be in a house!

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions about where anything is from!

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