Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Kelsey and Eamon's Boston Wedding

Hey everyone!

Today I want to share with you our mini vacation to Kelsey and Eamon's Boston Wedding. Kelsey is the sister of my college roommate Megan. I was so honored to be invited to her wedding and it was such a wonderful weekend. Since we were in Boston for two nights for the wedding I have a little bit to share about our time in the city as well as a few of the details from the wedding and I love capturing my memories of events here on the blog and helping people out if they are traveling someplace I've been before.

Driving into Boston is always so picturesque. I think it's one of the prettiest cities with so much history.

We had plans to head straight to our Air BnB to meet up with Laura. Our place was located right near The Commons on Temple Place. The apartment we stayed in was a two bedroom and had plenty of room for all three of us.

After hanging out and chatting with Laura for a little bit we headed out to dinner in Faneuil Hall. We ended up eating at Anthem and splitting a few dishes between the three of us.

The cheeseboard was delicious....

The pretzels were incredible and the bbq chicken pizza that I didn't get a picture of was delicious as well.

We were planning on meeting up with everyone after they finished the rehearsal dinner but we had quite a bit of time until they were done so we headed over to the Bostonia for some drinks. 

Once we got word that everyone was meeting up after the rehearsal dinner we quickly paid for our drinks and ended up meeting up with everyone at the Hilton Hotel Bar. 

It was so nice to get a chance to hang out with everyone before the wedding and to see people we haven't seen in SO long! Some of these people I haven't seen since our wedding last fall!

After spending some time hanging out and having a few drinks everyone started dispersing to get some sleep before the big day.

When we woke up the next morning Laura and I had big plans to go to Drybar!

I had done some research on Drybar before going so I knew to expect my hair to be washed, blown out and styled but I had no idea how much I would love it. 

Drybar was such a cool place from its super simple decor to the friendly hair stylists.

Pretty cool light fixture right?! 

So after an hour appointment we emerged happy and our hair looking a little more tame! When you go to Drybar you get to choose a look off the menu. I decided to do the "Old Fashioned" which is loose waves. I was very happy with my choice and Laura looked gorgeous with her wavy hair!

We arrived back at the Air BnB and met up with Tim and headed over to Stoddard's to grab some lunch.

My French dip sandwich and onion rings were pretty good but definitely not the best I've ever had. We were given the recommendation of Stoddard's from someone at the wedding and they told us that the atmosphere was great. When we went at lunch time we were met with a really cool bar but a super strange bartender so it may have been a different experience at a different time of day!

After Stoddard's we went back across the street to our Air BnB to get changed and then called our Uber to head to the church!

We took a couple quick pictures before heading in our (non-air conditioned) Uber to the church. Seriously over a 100* and no A/C....It was a long ride. I know, I know first world problems. 

Kelsey and Eamon got married at St. Cecilia's in Boston.

It is an absolutely gorgeous church.

We watched Megan walk down the aisle as matron of honor!

I didn't get too many pictures during the ceremony but doesn't Kelsey look gorgeous?! 

After we left the church we went back to the apartment since we had quite a bit of time before the reception. We hung around, watched some tv and chatted and then headed over to the State Room.

The reception took place on the 33rd floor and once we got off the elevator we were greeted with a table containing the card box and guest book.

Once we entered the reception it was absolutely breathtaking.....

Seriously, how amazing is that view? I have never been to a wedding with a view like this before, it was incredible.

I'm so lucky to still be in touch with my college roommates! We don't get to see each other too often but it's always so nice to spend time together. 

The flower arrangement centerpieces were gorgeous.

We were obsessed with this view!

First up for the meal was our salad course and it was delicious.

Although the sunset didn't happen outside our windows we did get a gorgeous cotton candy sky. 

Our steak, mashed potatoes, and vegetables were delicious.

When the red velvet with cream cheese frosting cake came out we were excited to dig in and it was amazing!

It was such an amazing wedding with a live band. We are so happy for Kelsey and Eamon and are so thankful they invited us to be a part of their special day.

 The next morning we headed to the post-wedding brunch and then came home after an exhausting and fulfilling weekend.

Have you been to any weddings this year? This was our only one this year and after last years marathon I can't say I'm mad about it! We had an amazing time and this wedding fulfilled everything I love about weddings: a beautiful location, an amazing couple and great time with friends!

Monday, July 29, 2019

Sad Summer Festival

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the radio silence around here, it's been super busy!!

I'll be catching you up on everything that's been going on, including some very exciting news which I will sharing as soon as I possibly can!

For today I'm sharing a concert we recently went to, Sad Summer Festival!

Tim and I joined Derek and Ally for a super hot day in Worcester MA. This concert was in the parking lot outside the Palladium and there was no cover with the exception of the "cool down" tents which were always packed!

There were several bands that played in this festival and I honestly was not familiar with many of them. Tim and Derek are fans of many of them so they really enjoyed seeing the show.

They were pretty much like teenagers super excited and totally into the show!

Ally and I had a great time too but I think we were all super hot after such a long day outside.

If you are interested in the Sad Summer Festival you can check out their website here. One of my favorite bands from the concert is State Champs. Tim and I had listened to their albums in the car quite a few times and I really like them! I also learned that I like a few of The Wonder Years songs as well.

So overall it was a great concert, but definitely an insanely hot day! This was the first ever Sad Summer Festival and if you are interested in going in the future definitely check it out because it was a great show!

Monday, July 8, 2019

Life Lately

Good morning and happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and lucky you if you turned it into an extra long weekend!

Today I'm just going to share what we've been up to lately.

Tim's cousin Derek graduated with his masters degree and his girlfriend Ally threw him a graduation party. We had a great time and Tim even got his trophy from his fantasy baseball league. He was clearly excited by it.

We always love hanging out at Ally's parents house as well. They always have a good time there!

Recently we ate at Not Your Average Joes and the steak tips were amazing! We love the bread at NYAJ too, if you ever go it's amazing!

Just the sunset on our ride home. How beautiful was the sky that night?

Yesterday was a ton of fun because we spent most of the day kayaking six miles!

The Gooding family kayak trip was a success! This is the third time we've done a huge kayak trip and  we always have a great time.

I tend to move fast on the river and often end up in the front.  At times it was super peaceful to just float along while I waited for everyone behind me.

Kason and Callan took turns laying on Matt's kayak and loved it!

I spent some time with Marissa and Chy and it was so nice to hang out with them!

I love just drifting around and seeing all the wildlife. I love the turtle sightings!

Can't forget my dear husband! Although we hung out in different areas and with different people most of the day I always love to have my hubby around!

Here's our whole crew! We had a huge group this year!

Such a fun day! I'd also like to point out that my shirt was Tims from our cruise but it shrunk and now it's mine! :)

What have you guys been up to lately?!