Monday, July 1, 2019

Motivation Monday: Dream Home Inspiration

Are you guys super into home decor blogs too? I am SO obsessed with home decor blogs (and youtube channels...and instagrams) but my main problem is following people who have multi million dollar homes that I certainly cannot afford!

Even though the houses themselves are unattainable for me right now (and probably ever) I love to get inspiration from them and look at their decor, the way their kitchens are designed and see what cool spaces they have in their houses.

Today I want to share a few of my favorite homes to lust after with you guys!

The first has been a long time favorite of mine: The Sunny Side Up Blog!

Seriously, how swoon-worthy is Erin's home?! I am obsessed with it and you can view her entire home tour here.

She always describes her home design as craftsman/coastal which is totally my jam. There are so many "New England" aspects which I just love since they truly scream home to me.

My favorite room in Erin's home....

I absolutely adore her white and gray kitchen and she has TWO islands! How great to have one for food prep and one for entertaining! This kitchen would also be a dream since she has two dishwashers. (Currently this girl has none and washes all dishes by I'm dreaming big over here!)

I love the open concept to her home seriously swoon over every picture she puts on her instagram (Erin_sunnysideup). If you are looking for a gorgeous home to follow then definitely check her out!

A new blog/instagram that I just began following is My Texas House.

When you check out her instagram you will see that the main color in her home is white. It's completely gorgeous and when you hear that Erin (yes, her name is also Erin!) has three kids and a dog you want to give her a superhero cape. How she manages to keep everything so sparkling clean and white is beyond me! 

I am newly obsessed with her instagram and have been finding myself scrolling through it for decor inspiration since I found her.  She is also MyTexasHouse on instagram so definitely check her out!

On Youtube I have been obsessed lately with Alexandra Beuter, who you can also check out on her blog here

Alexandra does a lot of lifestyle videos and does include home decor as she and her husband redo areas of their home. While her style isn't completely my style I adore the way she includes pops of color throughout her home and finds ways to decorate it on a budget.

Check out her youtube here.

If you are interested in seeing my favorite Youtube Cleaning Channels you can see that list on this post. 

To check out my decorating you can always see all of those posts here.

I hope you enjoyed this motivation for your home decor and let me know if there are any accounts you follow that I should be following!

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