Wednesday, August 28, 2019

New House Haul

Good morning everyone!

Today I wanted to share a few things I picked up for our new house! I've been slowly buying things but it's definitely a process. I know there are many things we won't pick up until we actually move into the house and have a space to put them but this is what I've gotten so far.

These two mats were ordered on Amazon and I am obsessed with them! I will be using them at our front door at the new house. I think we will be entering in and out the side door so I need to find another mat for that door but I knew I wanted a home sweet home mat at the front door.

Buffalo Check Mat               
Home Sweet Home Mat

New house means it's time for a new bathroom trash can right? This woven basket is from Target and I think it will look great in our bathroom. Right now we have a darker wastebasket and I am ready to lighten things up.


This sign is on order from Etsy and I am obsessed with it!! It carries so much meaning to me because after all this time it will be so good to finally be home in a house we own!

Last weekend I was at Hobby Lobby and picked up this sign as soon as I saw it I knew it was coming home with me. I'm not sure where it will go yet but I love it!

I purchased this lady bird runner from Amazon but it's all rolled up to make it easier to transport to the house so I don't have a good picture of it. This picture is the full sized rug picture off Amazon but you get the idea. I ordered the runner and my plan is to put it in my hallway. I'm so excited to see how it looks!

I am still in the process of picking things up for the house and will definitely share everything I get with you guys. Let me know if there's anything that you suggest picking up!

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