Monday, August 19, 2019

Our House Hunting Journey Part 2

Happy Monday everyone!

I'm loving Monday a little more than usual because I have today and tomorrow off! It's a nice little four day weekend to relax and spend time with my husband! The last two days have been so relaxing and nice! As I write this Tim is starting to cook breakfast and I am lounging on the couch.

Today I want to share some exciting news about our house hunting journey that I have debated sharing for awhile now.... we are under contract!!!

We are currently at the stage where the bank asks for a million documents and we are waiting for an appraisal to happen, but our closing date is less than a month off!

Right now, we are focusing on good thoughts as our loan processes. I'm trying to stay calm but I've already started packing :) I will be sharing my packing process and how I'm staying organized while I pack up our apartment. 

I think I am unmotivated to share any sort of content in the apartment because I have a TON of ideas for the new house! I will share our house to-do list at some point once we move in. The house is in great condition but there are things we want to do to personalize it and upgrade it and I can't wait to bring you all along on our newest adventure!

Our house is a three bedroom ranch and we are obsessed with it! It is all freshly painted with new doors and new floors in a few of the rooms. I can't wait to move in and hopefully within a month we will be closing and moving out of our apartment of 3+ years and into our very own home!!

I'll keep you updated throughout the process and especially on the DIY projects and decorating that will happen when we get in there.

Keep those fingers crossed for us!

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