Monday, September 16, 2019

We Bought A House!

Happy Monday Friends!

This week is particularly exciting because it's the week we will move into our first house!

We officially closed on our first home last Thursday September 12th! I can't even begin to describe how excited we are to finally be in a home of our own. After living in an apartment for 3.5 years, searching for a home for two years, and then impatiently waiting through the whole loan process we are more than ready to finally move in.

We received our keys at the closing on Thursday and immediately headed over to the house to walk through it. We basked in our home ownership and found all the cute presents the former owners had left behind for us.

This cute sign...

a plant...

and a door knocker!

How sweet are they?! 

We ended up both going back to work for a few hours in the afternoon and then met back up at the house later on. We had visits from both my parents, and our new neighbors who happen to be my best friend Rachel's parents. 

Mums from my parents.

A gift Rachel's parents brought by for us from her! Some Tupperware, bandaids, and a face mask!

The pumpkin and marigolds are from Rachel's parents.

We are definitely feeling the love from everyone around us!

Our plan for this week is to finish up a project we started in the kitchen, and then move in Friday/Saturday! Next week at this time I will be sitting on this couch in a whole new location!

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