Monday, October 21, 2019

Our 1st Anniversary Weekend!

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday we celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary! I can't believe that it's been a full year since we got married, it feels like it was only a few weeks ago. I am so proud that we've bought a house and added a new family member in that time. 

We celebrated this weekend and I wanted to share with you guys what our celebrations consisted of.

They were mostly Sophie centered if we are being honest. On Saturday morning Sophie had her first vet appointment (with us- she had previously been with the breeder and was only TWO pounds!). She did great and didn't even notice her shot! After we finished at the vet we headed to a local dog store called Fetch. 

It was a great day to go because they were hosting a trunk or treat and giving away a ton of free samples! We picked a few things up for our fur baby, visited the trunk or treat, took her picture, and tried some agility training! She had a blast and we can't wait to go back and visit again. I highly recommend Fetch if you are in the South County RI area. 

After Fetch we stopped by to visit our friend Emma at her family farm Shickasheen Farm. We picked up some mini pumpkins and mums for our front porch. Emma took the above picture and it came out adorable!

Then we headed over to Newport where we got married! We wanted to walk on the beach with Sophie and show her where we got married.

We haven't been back to the Rotunda since our wedding day so it was so nice to walk on the beach on a gorgeous day, it was exactly like our day one year ago!

This is where we stood during our ceremony and it's was so great to stand back in that same spot.

I love this picture of our little family. 

This little girl brings us so much joy.

We went to Diego's for lunch. The crack fries there are absolutely amazing and Tim and I both enjoyed our food and Sophie enjoyed a few bites too!

She was so sweet and loved getting attention from everyone!

Look at those crack fries on the left, have you ever seen anything so delicious looking?!

Overall it was an amazing day with my little family and I am so happy to have spent my anniversary this way!

What did you do this weekend?

Monday, October 14, 2019

Two Small Ikea Organization Projects

Good morning!

Today I'm sharing two small projects that were done this weekend to help organize our home. On Saturday my mom offered to puppysit Sophie so Tim and I could take the hour and a half drive up to Ikea to get some shopping done!

We had a ton of items on our list (and have another order arriving next Sunday too!) but we managed to work our way through the store and found a solution for quite a few projects that we have planned.

Today I'm sharing two that I implemented pretty quickly and had done on Saturday night and Sunday.  They were small projects but I think will make a big impact in our house organization.

This first problem was our front closet. Tim saw this shoe rack and thought it would really help our front closet because our shoes were totally out of control. In our apartment we used a plastic shoe tray to contain all our shoes which worked fine but now that they are all inside the closet it was looking out of control.

See what I mean? I also needed to take all our sandals and put them away in our own closets since we won't be using them until next summer. One I had our shoes organized I put the shoe rack in and started putting the shoes away and setting everything up.

So much better right?! Small change but a big impact!

The next project took place in our basement laundry area.

I knew I wanted a rolling cart for between my washer and dryer and I had the perfect one picked out at Ikea. 

Once Tim put the cart together I brought it down the basement and got it set up in my laundry area.

I love that it gives me space to store my laundry supplies without taking up the top of the dryer!

Super simple and easy but makes a huge difference! In the future we are interested in getting a new washer and dryer and moving the laundry room into an addition upstairs but for now this works just fine!

Those are two projects I did this weekend to organize my house, what projects did you do this weekend?

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Our New Kitchen Appliances

Hi loves!

Today I want to share our new kitchen appliances with you. When we moved into the house there were kitchen appliances but they were pretty old. We also wanted a bigger fridge and an updated dishwasher. We also wanted them all to match and I really wanted stainless steel. 

We ended up purchasing our fridge, microwave, stove and dishwasher at Home Depot and I love them!

We actually had to have a friend help Tim raise the cabinets up in order to fit the microwave and the fridge. It was just slightly too low for the fridge and the microwave would've been far too low. He also helped Tim install the microwave to the wall so a big thank you to Tony for helping!

Tim picked out the black stainless and I love it against our white cabinets. It definitely fits more with the look I prefer in a kitchen. I love all the room we have in our fridge and freezer- it feels so spacious after the small apartment one!

My number one love though??

This beautiful dishwasher. I have waited for so long to have a dishwasher and now it's finally here and I can wash all the dishes I want! Such a luxury when you go 3.5 years without one!

So what's next for the kitchen? Well we would like to replace the countertops with a quartz countertop on both the long counter and the island and I would love to install a big farmhouse sink in place of the one we have. Long term we will consider replacing the tile floor, installing crown molding above the cabinets and adding an addition on in order to have a pantry!

Nothing is an immediate need though and we are enjoying doing one project at a time and seeing this house become a home!

What projects do you have planned for your kitchen?

Monday, October 7, 2019

Meet Sophie!

Hi everyone,

Meet Sophie!

Sophie is our new almost 11 week old golden doodle puppy! She is the sweetest girl and has been adjusting to us as her new parents over the last two weeks.

She has been such a great girl so far and we are loving her so much! We are working on teething and potty training right now and also introducing her to friends and family as they come visit. '

I'm sure she will make regular appearances on the blog but if you'd like to follow her everyday life over on Instagram you can find her @sophiethegoldendoodlegooding

We may be biased but we think she the cutest, sweetest, smartest dog that has ever lived :)

As you may have guessed, getting a new puppy has slowed down our house projects a little bit since it's hard to get much done when she wants to play non-stop! We still have plenty to do and blog about so stop back on Wednesday and I'll share another piece of our kitchen renovation.