Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Our New Kitchen Appliances

Hi loves!

Today I want to share our new kitchen appliances with you. When we moved into the house there were kitchen appliances but they were pretty old. We also wanted a bigger fridge and an updated dishwasher. We also wanted them all to match and I really wanted stainless steel. 

We ended up purchasing our fridge, microwave, stove and dishwasher at Home Depot and I love them!

We actually had to have a friend help Tim raise the cabinets up in order to fit the microwave and the fridge. It was just slightly too low for the fridge and the microwave would've been far too low. He also helped Tim install the microwave to the wall so a big thank you to Tony for helping!

Tim picked out the black stainless and I love it against our white cabinets. It definitely fits more with the look I prefer in a kitchen. I love all the room we have in our fridge and freezer- it feels so spacious after the small apartment one!

My number one love though??

This beautiful dishwasher. I have waited for so long to have a dishwasher and now it's finally here and I can wash all the dishes I want! Such a luxury when you go 3.5 years without one!

So what's next for the kitchen? Well we would like to replace the countertops with a quartz countertop on both the long counter and the island and I would love to install a big farmhouse sink in place of the one we have. Long term we will consider replacing the tile floor, installing crown molding above the cabinets and adding an addition on in order to have a pantry!

Nothing is an immediate need though and we are enjoying doing one project at a time and seeing this house become a home!

What projects do you have planned for your kitchen?

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