Monday, October 14, 2019

Two Small Ikea Organization Projects

Good morning!

Today I'm sharing two small projects that were done this weekend to help organize our home. On Saturday my mom offered to puppysit Sophie so Tim and I could take the hour and a half drive up to Ikea to get some shopping done!

We had a ton of items on our list (and have another order arriving next Sunday too!) but we managed to work our way through the store and found a solution for quite a few projects that we have planned.

Today I'm sharing two that I implemented pretty quickly and had done on Saturday night and Sunday.  They were small projects but I think will make a big impact in our house organization.

This first problem was our front closet. Tim saw this shoe rack and thought it would really help our front closet because our shoes were totally out of control. In our apartment we used a plastic shoe tray to contain all our shoes which worked fine but now that they are all inside the closet it was looking out of control.

See what I mean? I also needed to take all our sandals and put them away in our own closets since we won't be using them until next summer. One I had our shoes organized I put the shoe rack in and started putting the shoes away and setting everything up.

So much better right?! Small change but a big impact!

The next project took place in our basement laundry area.

I knew I wanted a rolling cart for between my washer and dryer and I had the perfect one picked out at Ikea. 

Once Tim put the cart together I brought it down the basement and got it set up in my laundry area.

I love that it gives me space to store my laundry supplies without taking up the top of the dryer!

Super simple and easy but makes a huge difference! In the future we are interested in getting a new washer and dryer and moving the laundry room into an addition upstairs but for now this works just fine!

Those are two projects I did this weekend to organize my house, what projects did you do this weekend?

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