Monday, November 11, 2019

IKEA Entertainment Center Update

Happy Monday! Today we are sharing our new entertainment center! 

Our living room has been equipped with an old unit I bought years ago (back in 2014 I posted about buying the Ikea baskets inside here, and when I built it here) but it was time for an update. We had gone to Ikea weeks ago and picked up our new entertainment center but hadn't gotten the chance to build them (I mean Tim hadn't gotten the chance....)

Here is Sophie showing off the old system with the baskets she was trying to tear apart. We knew we needed to move quickly before she really started going after them.

So Tim got to work!

Sophie was a ton of help as usual! we chose the Havsta cabinets from IKEA which I think look great! I had gotten inspiration from Alexandra Beuter on YouTube from her entertainment system but we didn't have the wall space for all the cabinets she has. So we ended up just picking up two of them but I love how it turned out!

Tim also drilled some holes in the back so we could get wires through. 

Now we have two cabinets that close and hide our items while also prevent Sophie from getting into anything! I think it's much more functional for us and we are loving it so far. Now we just need to mount the tv!

What project should we do next around here?

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